Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In other, unrelated news

My sisters and I have a side business that you probably know about called Ethel Edith.  Junk, Funk and Furniture is our little mantra.  Each of us is working on individual projects as well as the joint venture.  Annie is sewing pillows and making magnets.  Maggie makes fairy jars and is working on making stamped jewelry.  I make funny folk art paintings like the two below, and have started making candles.

These are the scents I've made so far: fresh cut grass, rain, clean cotton, jasmine, lily, aloe and clover, peach, sugar cookie, blueberry muffin, cucmber melon, strawberry, and fresh fruit slices which is lemony. Now I need help with clever names for each scent and a name in general for the candles.  I collect noses...I have a nose vase and a couple nose sculptures, so my plan is to use card stock and decorative paper to make my own labels.  The first name I loved was Nose Candy, but Annie says it's inappropriate.  Mom suggested Nose Job.  I also like What's that Smell.  But I'm not 100% yet.  I imagine the peach will be called Just Peachy, and the citrus one Lemon Drop, but the rest....oh the rest, who knows.  I'm just tried of thinking about it.  Help......


  1. Bring the list tonight & we will name them. I like Nose Job better than Nose Candy. I think Nose Candy is funny, but well - you know what I think...anyway see you tonight :)

  2. Here is a suggestion: nose sense

  3. I just wanted to thank you for the words of encouragement for my son and his issues!


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