Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We had a moderately big day planned on our second day in Venice.  We started off by eating breakfast at our wonderful little hotel and then went to see the Dodge's Palace on St. Marcs Square.
This is a view from inside the palace courtyard.

The courtyard

And a view from outside. 
The rooms were ridiculously ornate...just amazing. 

Then we went to the dungeons...

You could see the names of the men that had once been housed there.  A desperate attempt to not be forgotten.

Zac and I in the cells.
From there we went to explore the city.  We started by heading to the Rialto Bridge.  I just loved the look of each little water bus stop.

Zac and I at Rialto Bridge

The Bridge

Just a few um..blocks, I guess you'd call them, from the Rialto bridge is a whole different Venice.  Its quiet and relaxed, lazy in fact.  Zac and I paused and tried to figure out where we were. 

We went into a slew of churches, all with incredible ceilings, pews, etc. 

This was my favorite piece of art, well, sculpture that we saw on the entire trip.  It was gigantic and amazing. 

We wandered from here for a few hours.  We walked through a market and saw a giant tomato.  At least as shockingly big as that giant carrot.   Seeing this again makes me realize how big Zac's hands are.  Odd.

More pretty view of Vencie

We went back to our hotel, napped and showered.  We looked real cute and sleepy!

We did find an excellent little place that set in a square formed by narrow streets.  While we ate a few Venicians returned home, unlocked their doors, opened their windows, and the square really came to life.  Zac got a "fruit of the sea" pizza, covered with clams, mussels, etc. and I got spaghetti :)

After drinking all of my little bottle of wine, I was  little drunk. We went back to St. Marc's Square and enjoyed watching it become night.  

Zac, sitting where he should not be

The Square, all lit up and beautiful

One of the bands that plays in the restaraunts open to the square.



  1. I'm loving these posts sister - I saw you pictures, but never knew what anything was. You make me want to travel - want to babysit!?!?

  2. Oh thank God....I've been asking Mag if they were too boring. I only have Rome and Paris left so I'm excited for the end of my honeymoon stuff to talk about all the things that have happened lately.


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