Monday, February 22, 2010

Quite the proposition

Gonna need some prayers on this one.  My dad just called to offer my husband a job at our families concrete plant.  They lost their office manager and my brother-in-law Kylie has been filling in part time, trying to learn the protocol.  Kylie works for my cousin Shane as the office manager/book keeper for his masonry business.  Kylie is so loved and appreciated there.  Cousin Shane just thinks he's the greatest.  Essentially, Zac would do the same.  Now, as I've mentioned before, Zac LOVES his job.  He works for Best Buy in St. Louis, so he's gone at least 4 nights every week.  Which is hard on our relationship, but we get through it.  They pay him well, $16.50/hr and he has great benefits, full coverage dental and vision, plus good medical, a 401K matched up to 5% and a life insurance policy which they pay for entirely.  The job at Fox Redi-Mix would be a step in the right direction for many reasons....Zac gets to be home every night, it makes it considerably easier for us to do things like fix up trailers or build a house or allowing my future kids to actually have a father.  He would also have the weekends to try to get a home theater business up and going here, without having to worry about being fired for it.  This also sets us up to keep the Redi-Mix business in our family, who knows, maybe we could even buy out dad one day so he would actually retire (yeah..right huh sisters).   The downside is that the redi-mix doesn't offer benefits.  We are going to start a family in a couple years, Zac needs his wisdom teeth out and I haven't been to the dentist in 6 years, Zac needs to see the eye doctor and get new contacts, etc.  Lots to think about.  I have never been one to push Zac into doing something he wasn't interested in.  And I'm just not sure about this....  Dont get me wrong. I really want Zac to be home and more involved in our family's businesses (as we fiercly loyal, and while it doesn't guarantee we are "set for life," it kinda does at the same time, which is hard to explain....basically, with the way my family works, if they know Zac is reliable and smart, he will always have a good job)  So say some prayers for guidance as we try to decide if we give up all Zac's benefits and his love of his job and the new position he was going to apply for that he was REALLY excited about to come and start a new career path, far removed from what he's doing now, working to keep the family businesses in the family.


  1. I will say some prayers for you. However, I think it would be a good move for you both. I know he loves his job, but he loves you more - and you will have a much stronger marriage if you are together. You can only do this long distance stuff for so long. The insurance stuff is a lot to give up, but our parents made it our entire life without company health insurance - it's just about good financial planning to know how much you need to have a baby and so on. Plus, how could a person not love working with Dad, Shane & Uncle Doug on a daily basis?

  2. Also, I forgot to mention can't force Zac into it. It needs to be his decision with your input. I forced Jade into his HLC job & he hated it - he was unhappy and I regretted that I made him make that change. I almost stopped him working with Jake too b/c I was nervous & I then realized that I always made his decisions for him & it didn't make him happy. So I told him he could work with Jake & make it theirs - best thing I ever did for sure - regarding his job that is :)

  3. thanks sis! love you and see you tomorrow for some junking

  4. praying for sure! big hard decision.
    I'm with annie, it's so much easier when you are together more-- go to the dentist and dr and get as much of that stuff done before he quits:O)
    (if he quits)

  5. Hard decision!
    BUT! a blessing that it's a decision between two jobs!
    Praying for you :)


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