Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Bunnies Day 1

I know I've mentioned before that I love to travel.  I figured, since the boys may be going again this Sunday, maybe I'd start with the family ski trip.  Last February, about this time, Annie and Jade went to Galena.  They asked Zac, Kylie, Maggie and me if we would like to go, and of course we did.  Zac had been skiing many times before, but Annie, Mag, Kylie and I hadn't.  Annie predicted that Jade would love every minute of it and want to be on the slopes from dawn til dusk, and she would not.  This was really a win-win situation for us.  If we all came, Maggie, who'd recently told everyone she was pregnant, could go to the spa and shopping with Annie, Kylie and I would be the bad beginners, and Zac and Jade could race each other on the black diamonds.  And that's exactly what happened.  Kylie and I were bad....very bad, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

 Zac and I drove from St. Louis to meet Mag and Kylie, then we headed up north together.  This is the start of the journey
We got to Galena and decided, first things first, we have to prep for the slopes and get lunch.  We were definately looking hot!! Jade and Annie had already been out (and Annie was ready to be done), so Mag was the only one who didn't have marshmallow-man ski pant legs (those came around month 9 for her hahaha, those ankles Gig, too funny) and a dozen layers. 

After lunch we headed to get our ski boots and poles.  I was hoping Zac would tell me exactly what I needed and in what sizes.  Turns out, having skied lots doesn't mean he'd ever paid attention.  He was zero help, but we got it figured out.  Here is Kylie, gearin up!
(love that hat brother)
Zac and I got a quick pic together before things got crazy.

From here we went to try our first slope.  Zac and Jade were there to instuct us. 
Here's Kylie, getting ready for his first journey downhill (about 1 minute before we both wiped out hard)

For some reason Kylie and I decided we didn't need ski lessons, we'd figure it out.  Zac and Jade were there, they'd teach us.  Wrong.  Jade and Zac followed us down the bunny hill twice, laughed when we fell and tried to help us up, then they left telling us "you guys are doin great, you'll be good on your own."  We were not good, we were very bad, but it was a lot of fun.  Kylie cracks me up to begin with, let alone when he tries "sweet jumps" and "grindin rails."  I was in hysterics at him.  We did this for a few hours, were exhausted, but Kylie remained victorious!
We took a quick break for a drink then met up with Zac and Jade to try one of the bigger hills which we were vastly unprepared for.  It started steep and leveled off with a curve, then steep, flat, steep, and flat again to the lift.  The plan was to meet at the curve then start down together.  I failed.  I got to the curve, Zac and Jade were waiting and Kylie had started off again.  I blew past Zac and Jade, then watched Kylie trash out hard and yelled back that he was ok as I continued at mach 3 down the hill.  I ended up throwning myself down, which was appropriate, as I'd gotten so close to the edge of the hill, that one ski was dangling over.  The boys were SHOCKED!  Jade showed up first wide eyed, laughing, asking why I didn't slow down.  I told him Zac's "pizza then french fry" rule didn't work and that I couldn't slow myself.  I'd been digging in my poles to no avail.  The other two eventually made it down the hill and both Kylie and I agreed, that was enough of that hill.  We went back to the bunny slopes.

and once again, were able to conquer it. 

Shortly after this, we wandered inside and off to dinner at a delicious pizza place.

We went back out later that night, but I don't think I took any more pictures.  We only skied a couple hours, then we crashed hard and woke up the next day ready for some more sweet snow action!


  1. Jade definitely isn't going this weekend. Sorry boys - we have a trailer to prepare and wood to saw :)

  2. Kolby is so exciting about going, they should have fun :)

  3. I have never been skiing before---jealous :)
    although I'd probably just fall on my bum!


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