Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Amsterdam

On June 11th Zac and I hopped an early morning train from Bruges to Amsterdam.  I'm pretty sure we had a stop and a train change in there, but I don't remember.  We were both very tired.  Jet lag was slowing us down for sure.  Zac often looked like this
In a few hours...I think 5, we ended up at the central station in Amsterdam aka stationsplein centraal.  

It truly was the central hub of the city.  All the trains started and ended there.  It made the rail system both easy and difficult.  Zac and I couldn't figure it out, but always ended up back at the central station and could find our way to our hotel from there.

After we arrived, and bought our I AMSTERDAM cards (which give access to all public transportation and many, many museums) we headed to find our hotel, again with a drawing on scrap paper that I had copied off of google maps.  We got a little lost but it was no big deal.  I did get to laughing though.  If you've ever seen EuroTrip (by the same guys that did Old School, you can just imagine) you remember the stereotyped names in Amsterdam i.e. Vondersexxx.  But it was totally true.  In fact, our hotel was close to Vondelpark.  Made me smile every single time!  By the time we made it to the hotel we both desperately needed a shower and a nap.  I let Zac shower first and by the time I got out, he was done for.

We were both dead to the world for about 3 hours until our growling bellies woke us up.  We walked to dinner at a place listed in our IAMSTERDAM books.  It was a mexican joint and it was freakin great!  This was my meal

Now, packed to the gils, it was time to get a better look around.  We started with one of the largest streets, Damrak.  There were TONS of little tourist shops.  Of course, we went in a bunch of them.  You may have noticed that my pictures from London and Bruges were cloudy and a little gray.  It was also cold, and stubborn boy that he is, Zac insisted "it's June, I don't need a jacket." Wrong. We started looking in Amsterdam.  He tried on quite a few.  This one made me laugh hard....just a little tight!  Notice the entirely too orange background.  

Every store had a bunch of pot paraphernalia.  I wondered if this would be appropriate to buy for my best friend.  I thought it would look lovely on her desk hahaha!

From there we walked down to Dam square.  

And got used to the sight of all those townhouses and canals

It wasn't long before our carb laden meal of rice and tortillas drove us back to our hotel.  We spent the rest of the night watching really bad TV that we could oly partially understand.  We had two more full days in Amsterdam, so it afforded us the time to laze around in our hotel, unconcerned with missing out on seeing more cultural (the ganja bars and red light district) that night.  Don't worry though, we did see those things and much more.  Which means, much more for you to look forward to!

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  1. SO jealous of your trip. I wanted to go to Italy for our honeymoon and it didn't happen. But I am still holding out hope that some day it will!


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