Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Valentine's Day

Zac and I started dating in 2005.  We celebrate on October 30th, even though things weren't official for a few weeks after that.  This fall will be 5 years for us.  (I wrote more about our story in this post How I became Mrs. Ballard.)

 It's a little hard for me to believe its been that long already.  I always heard from "old" people that time moves faster as you get older.  I always thought this was a lie, but it really is true.  Each Monday I think, "where the hell did the weekend go?" and each Friday I think, "can't believe its already Friday."  Anyway, this was our first Valentine's Day married.  I was expecting maybe a little something special.  

I made Zac a cake, baked him cookies, got a card and some chocolates.  I left it all on the kitchen table on Sunday morning.  He was pumped.  He read his card and said thank you, then went to the couch with his bag of peanut M&Ms.  I asked him where my card was.....and he didn't have one.  He explained, which was pretty lame, and then came to hug me and tell me he was sorry he didn't get one.  He assured me that he loved me and he didn't get a card, but he knew what he was gonna write in it.  He proceeds to tell me that in the past, he used to get excited about all kinds of things, vacations, electronics, things like that.  Then he tells me, now, he is gets excited everytime he gets to come home, because he knows he gets to see me, and I'm all he needs.  The sweetest thing...he got all teary eyed when he told me.  There's nothing, nothing in the world, like seeing your husband cry and knowing it wasn't because he lost someone, or because of a fight.  That it was because he is grateful to have you.  

Is it really any wonder how I could love a guy like that, regardless of whether or not he bought me a card. 
My cute husband. 



  1. That's sweet of him. Jade used to not get me gifts, but now he does. I told him all life events are big deals from now on - he's getting better :)

  2. Aw sweet. I just love your husband! Matt makes me cards for Valentine's day. One year, he "finger-painted" the writing on one, and the red paint dripped, so it looked like he wrote my card in blood. He didn't leave himself time to fix it, so he was super embarassed when he gave it to me. I of course lauged uncontrollably at his attempt at a "creative/homemade" card and loved him more for it.

  3. That is so sweet. I love a teary eyed husband, but mine...not yours haha

  4. You two are so sweet.

    The photos are adorable :)


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