Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A cliffhanger

So.....Zac wouldn't talk to me about the job offer last night.  He is home on Tuesday nights, has Wednesday off, home on Saturday night has Sundays off.  The last two Tuesdays he's gotten home late, like 10:30 late, so I am hoping he is home earlier than that tonight.  He said he thinks it would be better to wait to talk about when he can see my face.  Apparently I give away a lot more in facial expressions than I do in my tone of voice.  Until tonight, I will fret about it.   Feel free to do the same!


  1. oh! don't fret:O)
    it will be okay! will keep praying.

  2. Don't fret about it. You just have to pray about it & see how he feels. If he won't be happy there, you won't be happy either. However, if he thinks he will love it - you will love it too :)

  3. That was your Dad's suggestion, he thinks it is always better face to face where you can see the persons feelings. I am praying about it- God has a plan, he will put it on your heart if you get still and stop all the outside noises.


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