Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did we love it....Amsterlotley!

The morning of our second day in Amsterdam was started by heading back to the central station.  We decided to take advantage of our IAMSTERDAM card and hit up the 100 Highlights canal tour.
Us on the boat

Along the way we saw many beautiful homes...some of them even floated along with us.
I loved the small cars and the bikes that lined each canal

The bridges were everywhere and it seemed always lined with bikes too!
The tour ended and we went to a string of churches, museums, and art galleries.  The buildings were as impressive as any of the art inside.

Inside was astoundingly big.  The ceilings soared!

The floor was equally amazing.

The hand carved stone tiles are actually gravestones and are incredibly old.  They were unbelievable!

We even saw the gravestone of Rembrandt's wife, Saskia.

Shortly we were churched out and decided to check out a few seedier places.  Again I laughed at all of the pot leaf everything!  I could just imagine how seriously my patients would take me as I wrote notes with this pen.  "That low back pain, is it right-sided, left-sided, or in the middle?'

Over the course of the few days we spent there, I still didn't get used to seeing signs like these

Stoned prarie dogs? Saw none of that on Meerkat Manor.

We started back to our hotel but stopped along the way to watch the street performers.

Check out this guys ridiculous headspin abs
Silver man
We stopped along this packed street and this is where Zac found a hoodie jacket he loved....and still wears all the time.

(A picture to prove we really were there, and these aren't just random internet photos)

This is him modeling it later

On the way back to our hotel we stopped a local grocery and picked up snacks.  We also got the chance to see the biggest carrot EVER!  I have a picture of Zac holding this carrot's very funny, but totally inappropriate!

The grocery store was right across from our could see it from our balcony window.  Even though this hotel was equally as gross as our hostel, maybe worse cause it cost lots more, it was one of our favorite places to stay simply because we had that balcony.

Here is the picure we took once we finally got back to our room.

And the picture I caught of Zac laughing, his REAL smile, after I showed him the picture I took of him holding the carrot.  I love my pretty husband and his pretty smile. This is the only one I've ever caught on film, and it took me 3 and 1/2 years to do it!
One more day in Amsterdam......


  1. all the history is awesome!
    and the pot pen was funny:O)
    that is a great real smile- glad you caught it!

  2. you and your carrot pictures! crack me up, i love the one of the mega carrot found in the bag of baby carrots. too funny.


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