Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And the winner is....

Best Buy.
And I'm sad about it.
But, like I said, it was Zac's decision ultimately.  Even thought I think this is not the best decision for us, he thinks it is.  I would rather have him home every night.  I would rather look back on the first few years of our marriage and not recall how much of it I spent alone.  Zac insists the training they are offering him at Best Buy will help him to be much more successful in opening his own home theater and in-home networking business in a few years.  He forgets that that puts the rest of our lives, and a potential family on hold for a "few" years.  Who knows, maybe this is the right choice.  I'm afraid only time will tell.


  1. Abbie don't be bummed. What would it be like if he took the concrete job and hated working for Dad. Can you imagine how much heartache that would also cause you? Support his happiness even if it really sucks to be apart. I know from experience when my husband hated his job, that it made him grouchy and unhappy - we never could talk about his day because it was never a good day. So it may really be a good move for Zac if he's truly loving his days and his work. However, do push him to learn this business & get planning his own business. If that's what his heart really wants to do - push him to get there.

  2. i'm sorry honey:O(
    i know it stinks to have babies etc pushed back on the timeline.
    You never know what will happen though, things change when you least expect it.
    i hope he can get his business going quickly so that you don't have to be alone so much!

  3. I had a whole big blurb written up, but you don't want or need that. I'll stick with just this: I'm sorry :(

  4. I don't know what to say, so I decided that it's best to make you laugh. So here goes.

    Remember when I came to visit you in Carbondale, when you were living in the big house with Annie. We were walking to campus, because you wanted to show me how pretty it is in the fall. And as we were crossing the street, some guy stopped in his beater and shouted at you, "Yo Boo, you need a ride?" To which you replied, "Did you just call me Boo?" And then he drove away, and we about died laughing the rest of the way to campus.

    I love you.

  5. i only kinda remember that, but mission accomplished, that made me laugh. love you too boo

  6. ps...that was an especially random memory.

  7. come see caroline. she makes EVERYTHING better. xoxo

  8. God has a plan for your life already written... if Zac is supposed to be at that concrete plant he will be, one way or another. You know the saying: If you want to make God laugh, make a plan! xoxo


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