Friday, April 23, 2010

My 25th Birthday

The next day Chris, Lauren and I set off to meet Zac, Ernie, and Carrie downtown to see the Saturday Market.  Zac had stayed with Ernie after the "guys night," so I was happy to see him and get a birthday hug.  We got there later than he had, so he'd already checked out the food carts....shocking, I know.  We decided to get a gyro and then a plate from the Himalayan food cart.  Both were delcious.  This is Zac with super delcious food and a funny expression that looks like it may have tasted sour. (it didn't)
And Lauren, now full and basking in the sunshine.  Writing that made me think of mom's pugs hahaha....sorry Lauren

We wandered the market for awhile.  I bought a windcatcher and a metal sculpture of a mosquito for mom.  It was so stinkin cute.  It had a screw for a nose.  Loved it.  Anyway, I digress.  After the market we all went to the pub for a pint of microbrew, then ventured off to find our cars.  On the walk we came across a tattoo parlor and all decided it was an acceptable place to get inked.  Zac, of course, wanted to go to some stereo shop, so he left me with Chris and Lauren for the actual tattooing.  This was the two of us, waiting patiently for everything to get set up. 
Shortly thereafter the artist had my tattoo ready to go and called me back.  Ready, set, tattoo!
For those of you that have no tattoos, it does hurt.  Not bad, enough for me to say, "man, this does not feel good."  The best way to describe the sensation is burning.  Its not "burning" I guess, but the after-burn.  You know, like when you touch a hot stove and it causes a white blistery burn that stings and you have to run under cold water but the water is never cold enough....that sort of sensation. :)
Mostly done with the most plain tattoo ever. 
Afterward he wrapped up my tattoo.  Oddly enough they didn't seem to be prepared for foot taping, or the guy was just not good at it, cause it ended up just being a foot wrapped in masking tape.  It was goofy looking that's for sure.   Just see for yourself.

We wandered off to Powell's bookstore after that.  Its so big I didn't know where to start.  I really could have spent hours there, but my food was kinda sore and we were all tired, so we headed back to Chris' until it was time for dinner. 
Zac and Lauren, before we left for dinner.  I just love them both so much!
Zac's friends picked out a great tapas joint for dinner, but, alas, they would not take our reservation.  We showed up and they said the wait would be 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours, and it was already 8.  We decided not to wait and called up a place called Andina.  The took a reservation for 6 at 8:30, so we had it made.  The food was amazing.  Really, great.  Zac and I made a deal, he would order food for the both of us, if I would order the drinks, which makes super-safe, indecisive me happy.  I ordered him a habanero-infused vodka drink and can't remember what for myself cause his was sooooo awesome.  He ordered beef heart for the appetizer, duck for me and lamb shank for himself.  Plus, everyone shared, so that made it even better.  They had this amazing tuna ceviche that Carrier ordered.  Loved it! She also got steak tartare with quails egg, also great.  Carrie went very raw that evening.  This is Carrie, Ernie, Zac and I at dinner.  I love/hate how underdressed Zac and I are.  Freakin Cubs hats.  Oh well. 
After dinner we went out to a little bar that I don't remember the name of.  It was already late, and Carrie's babysitter was only able to stay til midnightish, so we all had one drink and headed home to beds.  This was Zac at the bar.  He is such a goofball
And me and Lauren

It was a great birthday.  It really was.  There's not a whole lot that gets better than great friends and great food and someone else having all the responsibility of planning.  Plus, my birthday is special.  I share it with my mom.  And, my mom is a twin, plus, it just so happens to be my dad's sister's birthday.  Total count, 4 of us on the same day.  Kinda amazing right.  Even weirder is that my dad is born on his brother's birthday, 8 years apart.  Anyway, happy birthday to me!

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  1. yay for being 25! yay for a tattoo! I described getting my tattoo as a deep scratching something kept clawing at me and I couldn't get it to stop! haha.


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