Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Donuts and malls

Zac and I got into Portland late, like midnight late, so that day was pretty well shot.  The next morning we had no real plan, which is how we like to roll on vacation.  Chris suggested lunch from the downtown food carts which we, of course, agreed to.  Shortly we were off.

We hit up the thai food cart and while Zac waited, he had to have a hotdog appetizer.  Zac's hollow leg always kicks in on vacation.  The best part was that it wasn't any regular hotdog, that simply wouldn't do.  It came from this stand.
He got a reindeer sausage.  It really was the Beez Neez.  After lunch we tooled around a bit.  Went to a record shop where I found Meatloaf Bat out of Hell for $5.  (I know, but I like it and it reminds me of my childhood.)  We ran up to the local mall to see if they carried any Pumas in size 13 wide.  They didn't, so we settled for stopping by a Portland icon to make us happy.  Ladies and gents (if any gents actually read my blog) I present to you VooDoo doughnuts.
We had them make a mixed box called the VooDoo dozen.  This is what we left with

We walked back to Chris' car and waited to pass them around.  On the way over the bridge, we ran into these two skipping across, literally, skipping the entire thing.

Once we were inside his car Zac tore into the donuts.  He order one for himself in addition to the dozen, the maple bacon log.  Basically a maple log donut, with strips of bacon. I must admit, it was delicious.  We also had ones covered with cocoa puffs, with vanilla frosting dusted with tang, jelly filled, it goes on and on.  We, of course, had to try every donut.  We would each take a bite and then debate which was best.  By the end of the ride home, this is how things looked.

My "ohhhh that was good" face

I had to laugh though because we took the box home to Chris' house and left it on the counter.  I jokingly told his parents to feel free  to eat what they wanted, assuming because we literally ate off every donut they would be deterred.  I was wrong.  I laughed real hard when I saw that his dad had cut the botttoms off of all the donuts and just eaten the cake part.  Too funny.  By the next morning, this was all that remained.  
That evening we went out to dinner with Zac's friends Carrie and Ernie.  It was delicious.  Afterward we went back to Chris' house and hit the hay.   It was getting late and microbrew does that to a person.  The next morning I woke up excited because Lauren was coming to town!  More about that later.

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