Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Guest Bath and the Hallway

The next thing I'd like to show everyone is the hallway and the guest bathroom.  I know these are rather unexciting as far as a big reveal goes, but they are the first things you see when you walk into my home. 

This was the bathroom before.  Not awful, just kinda gross.  I had to peel off the old silicone which was quite a chore.  Mom scraped at it over the course of 3 days and it still took me a few more hours.  We replaced the faucet, resiliconed the tub, laid new floor, replaced the mirror and rebuilt the toilet (thank you dear brother Kylie).  
The bathroom is so much better now.  Plus, I have a shower curtain with everyone of my wall colors in it.  I didn't plan that.  I just got lucky.

You see the drywall was all knocked in at the bottom.  It was like this through the whole house, so we had to put up trim everywhere and replaced 15 whole sheets.  This was the before complete with beautiful brown carpet.
We pulled up the carpet which had so much water damage the carpet pad was frozen to the subflooring, replaced the drywall, laid new floor, painted, trimed, changed the lighting and this was the result.  I chose white curtains so that it felt airy and didn't accentuate the narrowness of a hallway like darker/heavier curtains can.  Also, it keeps the hall very neutral, which is good, cause I have lots of color going on.  

Hope you like the house so far.  I am still working on the office, but hope to be able to show everyone how it turned out by this weekend.  Next up, the living room!

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  1. ABBIE! you Fox ladies are miracle workers!
    come redo my house!!!
    it looks absolutely fabulous:O)


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