Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Big Reveal: The Guest Room

I thought I would start the showing up my new house but starting with where you may end up staying, should you ever want to spend a weekend on the lake and not want to spring for a hotel. 

Without further ado.......THE GUEST ROOM 

This is a picture, or rather, a series of pictures to remind me what we started with.  This is the guest room, notice the giant hole in the wall under the window, just no drywalll there.  Not sure why, it's just not there.  Also, the hole to the right is where the outlet has literally fallen out of the wall.  
I also loved all this wall too.  Again, hanging outlet and there are large holes accompanied by a thousand, honestly, thousands of holes from thumbtacks and nails.  I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating it was to fill all those.
This is the midway photo (the walls are a minty green color which is neutral for now, but appropriate for a baby's room in a few years without having to repaint)
And the (again, mostly) finished product.
I need a shade for the lamp
Need another frame, but didn't know I was getting a bed until we were moving.  I also need something more on that side table, but not sure what yet.
My two favorite Third Sunday purchases (probably ever) even though other people think I'm crazy and they are creepy.
I still have a few things to polish up, but this is a start. 

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