Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Master Bedroom

This is the (almost) finished bedroom.  I am planning on making a headboard from one of the hollowcore doors we had left over.  Not sure what color to make it yet, but it will be awhile before I get to that project anyway.  Also, whe have no bed frame yet.  Our last one was broken, then the one I got at the re-sale store was missing a center rail so it just wasn't meant to be yet.  I will get one eventally. 
My wedding picture wall, they kinda look crooked in this shot, but I promise they aren't. 
The door leads into a narrow hall and into the kitchen.   The otherside of the wedding pic wall is the laundry room, behind the painting is Zac's largely unattractive closeet.

When you open that door, you get a direct view from the living room into the master bath and I'm just not sure I'm ok with that's quite open. 
My dresser is, well, I'm just not sure about it.  I like it much better in this house than my last one, but still not sure about the color.  I think it may go pea green.  But, oddly, the orange is much better when I see it backed by orange curtains.  Not sure if those will stay though since Zac is obsessed with mounting tvs.  he will probably want to rig this one all up like we did at the last house.  We shall see....
So that's my new bedroom.  It's looking good, there are a few more things I'd like to do, but I seem to have no time at all.  If I switch some stuff up.  I will let you all know :)

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