Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A confession

I have been doing laundry for years, and I don't know what the hell the difference is between WARM COLD and WARM COLD.  I have no idea.  If you know, please tell me.  I have the sneaking suspicion that this is some mystery that mom probably told me....but that I didn't listen to.  I want to blame this on the fact that this washing machine is new to me.  But I never really changed the temperature on my old washing machine either.  
Laundry is just not my thing.  I won't lie, I pretty much hate it.  It's not the washing/drying part that bothers me, its not even really the folding, its the putting away.  Luckily, Zac helps me out with that, so I only have my stuff to tuck away.  None the less, I feel kinda stupid on this one.  Warm cold or Warm Cold.  Seriously, ridiculous. 


  1. I read your sister Annie's blog and started reading yours. I really enjoy your posts, especially your honeymoon and home makeover-you have done a fantastic job!

  2. Laundry - uuurrgh! But, it's gotta be done, right? Found your blog through my good friend at thegoatandthekid.

    I know the answer to your warm warm warm cold question. It means a warm wash with a warm rinse vs. a warm wash with a cold rinse. Do the clothes really care? Don't understand why a cold rinse is better or worse than a warm rinse. Now you can do your laundry with the knowledge needed to complete the task!!

  3. Rebecca so glad you are loving my little blog. i try to keep up with it, but annie is better at being consistent. I'll keep trying though!

    Thanks for the comment Darlene! I am hoping one day I can just win the lotto and have a maid that will do my laundry. I hear you have to play to win, which, I don't, but I'm pretty sure one day, they will just decide I should win anyway :)

  4. I think Warm/Cold in all black is just the standard washing machine deal and Warm/Cold in blue/black employs the "PrecisionTemp Auto Temperature Control", whatever that really means. My guess is it's either an energy-saver or meant to closely regulate temperature at the expense of efficiency. Now I bet you'll sleep better at night.


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