Monday, April 19, 2010

The Master Bath

The master bath was one of the biggest transformations in the whole house.  We started with a garden tub, a shower, two vanities and a toilet.  We ended up with most of that again, just much, much cleaner.  This was the initial.
And the dirty shower was to your right when you walked in, where that red rug is.   I want you to keep in mind..someone showered in GET clean.  Gross

I ripped out the tub, the shower, both vanities and started over. 
From this
to this

We ripped off that mirror and put up a wall, and viola, a tub/shower combo
We texturized, painted, laid flooring, and installed the cabinets.  I'm happy to say that I installed the cabinets and sinks, I helped put in the floor and I, by myself, built out where the old shower was into shelves.  I learned how to do this stuff by helping build my sister's house, renovating trailers, and by not being scared to mess it all up and start over.  You can do it too.  You really can. 
This is Zac's vanity
And mine
I just can't even believe how much better this place is now.  It's ridiculous.  Ridiculous really because someone else lived in it before and didn't care that it was bad.  Much better now, much, much better.

Coming up next will hopefully be the office.  I just have to get a little bit of time :)

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  1. you are inspiring me to just try things and hope for the best Abbie!
    we'll see how that turns out:O)


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