Thursday, April 29, 2010

A sweet deal

I know I mentioned yesterday that I hate doing laundry, but lets be real, I just hate having to clean period.  Mom ruined me though, thoroughly ruined me.  I can't live with a dirty house.  I can deal with a little messy, a stack of mail, an unmade bed, but only for a few days.  I can't deal with clothes in dirty piles or grit on the floor or sticky counters yuck!  Zac and I made a deal, each Sunday, when we both have the day off together, we will start at 10:30 and get the house sparkling clean.  We started this week and made the deal that Zac started in the guest bath and I started in the master bath and we worked toward the middle....well, kinda middle.  Zac said he would do up to the laundry room, which meant I had to do all the laundry.  I decided it was a sweet deal and agreed.  Little did I know, he is sneaky dirty.  I started with the laundry first and opened up the washing machine to find this...
Let me just say, Zac has the worst smelling feet.  Just bad, bad smelling.  He uses foot spray and has "breathable" shoes, but I just feel so sad for the boy.  Nothing we try works.  Even his socks smell so bad he won't leave them open to the air in the laundry basket cause  it will reek up his closet.  You can imagine how this smell slapped me in the face when I opened the lid on the washing machine.  He is so SNEEKY  DIRTY!  He just cracks me up.  He thought it was such a great idea and he was glad I was the one that opened the washing machine lid.  I still thought/think this is a sweet deal, stinky socks included, and think this will help us keep the house nice without any drama about who has this job or that job.  Yay compromise!


  1. haha! oh smelly feet are no goood!
    I'm glad you guys have a system worked out--I wish I could convince Owen to clean the house on a schedule...but for now its just me, with sporadic helpings.

  2. Too funny! I just love Zac man. Let me know if you want Matt to come over and show him the proper way to dust the house...

  3. oh my, we were so sporadic too. it was so frustrating for me cause it seemed like i was cleaning daily, but it was never actually clean. and, court, matt can come dust for me any day...i'll even buy him as much pledge as he'd like :)

  4. laundry, cleaning, dishes, cooking....all are not my favorite. i think it's because i'm not really good at any of them. as for the smelly socks, we've got some of those around here, too.

    by the way - come back to my blog and check out pictures #5, #6, and #7. they're of my other daughter. give me your opinion on those, too. thanks.


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