Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Kitchen/Dining Room

The kitchen was hideous to start with.  The cabinet are pressed sawdust board laminated with fake wood.  The laminate stuff is almost like a giant sticker or say....shelf liner.  It had been eaten away in some spots and chipped off others.  The cabinets were seriously bad looking.  But that curtain...lovely.
Now, the dining room looks like this. 

Somehow, whoever lived here before managed to pull the trim off of EVERY counter top.  This is what is under the trim.  Now, we have new countertops, cause really, what are you gonna do with that?
Another shot of the awful cabinets and the sink leak that rotted out the bottom of the cabinet.  It's ok though, they fixed it by putting a paper Ace Hardware bag over all the mold.  See the spotty cabinet doors, that's the laminate stuff eaten away in spots.  We ripped out the built in cabinet thing you saw on the right in the first picture, replaced the coutertops, rebuilt the shelves, put in a new sink, painted the cabinets.  
This is a shot of the new house, minus the funny halfwall thing (now I keep a wooden tote full of everything there) and with new countertops and painted cabinets.  We kept the old hardware, just spray painted it.  Paint makes a world of difference!

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