Friday, April 30, 2010

Topless Sandals

Saw these online the other day and laughed hard at them.  Check it out, topless sandals...

Is it just me, or is this a terrible idea.  They are supposed to be guaranteed to stick for a full year, and prevent those awful flip flop tan lines (really, are they that serious).  Its not the fact that your feet are actually stuck to something, which does seem uncomfortable, who likes stickiness on you foot, but what really made me laugh is what else would stick to these bad boys.  Couldn't wear them to a beach, they'd be ruined with sand.  Couldn't wear them while you mowed the grass.  Couldn't wear them in a public bathroom, toilet paper would stick to them and NEVER come off (which is really the visual that made me laugh hardest).  Someone could literally stick their shoe to your back, like a giant post-it note, and they could say you let people walk all over you (clever right?)  These are just ridiculous.  That being said, I wonder what they are like. If they wanted to send me a free pair, I'd try them.  Just imagine how they'd be if you walked down a dusty road hahaha.  So silly.  Anway, this kinda made my day, so I thought you all should know.  When in doubt, just go topless!

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  1. I've actually seen people wearing those. It was years ago. Never thought I'd see them again but maybe they're making a comeback. Way to go flip flops. I wear strapped flip flops 24/7/365 and get that tan line. Maybe I should buy some strapless ones. :)


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