Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have a dear friend named Chris that was in chiropractic school with me.  His dad was the VP of academic affairs, but had a falling out with the school president and decided to make a switch.  That switch came in the form of a move to Oregon to start work at another chiro school.  Because of the tension there (and the fact that he was living with them), Chris decided to move with his parents to Portland.  He moved halfway through school, bu tnot all of the credits were exactly the same/in the right order, so he graduated later than I did.  I promised him I would come visit, especially since he flew in for my wedding, and I thought this was the perfect time as he only has clinic duties and graduated this past weekend.

I have another dear friend named Lauren.  She moved away during high school but we've always kept in touch.  I've visited her in Florida 2 or 3 times and she moved to St. Louis for 4 months while I was there for chiro school.  While she lived in STL, she met Chris.  I've been trying to convince them just to love each other and get married, but it hasn't happened so far......damn.  Anyway, when Chris moved Lauren and I decided we would explore Portland together on a visit to see Chris.  Currently Lauren is living in Palo Alto CA working at Stanford, so when I picked the dates, she booked a flight too.  We were pumped.

The best part of all of this is that Zac has two great friends in Portland too.  Carrie and Ernie LOVE Zac.  He used to stay at their house all the time in college.  Ernie just thinks Zac is the greatest.  (So much so that he looked Zac right in the eye the first night we had dinner together and proclaimed "You and me, tomorrow night, guys night."  Sometimes you just need some alone time with another man. :)  Its cute, they hug, but back to the story......

The week we picked just happened to be the week leading up to my turning 25.  I can't believe it really, 25.  (It just looks so much older than 24.)  Zac and I left on the 7th and came back on the 12th.  It already feels like forever ago.  We stayed the first few days with Chris as Carrie and Ernie were working, then Zac went to their house and I stayed with Lauren and Chris, until Lauren left.  This is starting to get long, so I will just throw up a couple pictures and then write some more about it all tomorrow.

Zac and I waiting to board our flight in St. Louis
Zacman's serious, as in seriously, I don't want to take a picture now, face. 

Chris and I


  1. you guys are too cute, and Zac's serious face is pretty handsome.
    sounds like a great time catching up with friends:O)

  2. Love that Chris... good luck with being a vegetarian!! Courtney is so dumb in a good way!


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