Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The trailer saga

You all know that I've been desperately working to finish up a trailer.  Its been a lot of hard work.  It really has.  Most people get to see just a finished product.  They don't get to see the room painted, but without trim, and with exposed light bulbs.  
They don't have to crawl around on their knees and get covered in drywall dust just to fill in all the little paintless divets in knockdown.

They don't have to stop halfway through the work day to be adjusted.
They don't have an AC unit in their kitchens.
They don't have 3 projects being worked on by 3 people in 1 bathroom, at the same time

They don't keep piles of stuff as an obstacle course in the living room
They also probably have cabinets that function and sinks that drain into pipes...not buckets.  
But I did.  I don't anymore.  You will shortly see what this "shitbox" (thanks to Zac for that one) has now become.  Get excited!

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