Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Patients say the darndest things.

 Let me tell ya, patients do and say really random things.  

Tuesday, before my office manager left for lunch, she told me there was a guy coming in that had been in before but not for years.  He apparently told her that he got drunk on Saturday and rolled his car 6 times and his shoulder had been killing him since. 

 I looked at Connie shocked.  Who seriously calls and says "I was doing something clearly illegal with a highly negative stigma, I hurt myself and now I really need to get in....can you fix me around 3?"  So I asked Connie, "He just said that?  That he was drinking and driving and wrecked himself?"  To which Connie said, "Well, he said he was out Saturday night and got really abbreviated and wrecked."  

Ha! Classic!  I should not have been shocked that the drunk driver was also the guy that said he got abbreviated instead of inebriated. Apparently he didn't wreck a car, but rather a Rhino type vehicle.  He still got a lecture about drinking and operating anything on wheels.  

The moral of this story, don't drink and drive!
If you do, there is a good chance you will hurt your self, or be attested, I mean arrested.   


  1. This is malaria. Er um hilarious.

  2. Bet you could write a book with things patients say!

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