Tuesday, October 16, 2012

30th brthday

Tuesday, the 9th, was Zac's 30th birthday.  Neither of us can even believe it.  How in the world is Zac 30?! 
Which begs the question, when did my husband get old? 
Does that mean I'm getting old? 
Is 30 really the new 20?
Let us all hope so.

Time is really flying by.
This is Zac's 6th birthday that he's had me to buy him gifts. 
This year, not so surprizingly, he wanted electronics.
More specifically, he wanted money to build a computer to act as our media server now and in the future. 
"Media" may be Zac's first love.
Well, second now that Cliff is here, but it is his biggest passion for sure.
Zac's 30th birthday also fell on the same day as Cliffy turning 1 whole month old.
As I mentioned, time is flying!

We decided to get a picture of the two of them together. 
It went poorly.

Thank goodness we are not quitters.
Cliff might be though....
Thank goodness he has his daddy to soothe him.
Well, kind of.

As I mentioned...Zac needed a little celebrating. 
Of course, Cliff is here, so he needs a card from us both. 
Plus, a card gave me opportunity for my sneeky plan.
 First, I had to find a card.

Then, I waited til Itty Bitty fell asleep, painted his hand, and signed his daddy's card.
Next...the sneeky business.

Cliff seemed to have his umbilical cord forever.
For. Ev. Er.
Seriously, like 3 and a half weeks.
The entire time it grossed Zac out.  He would yell at me when I cleaned around it, constantly insisting that I was hurting him, when he was clearly fine.
We were both thrilled when his cord finally fell of.
It happened to fall off in the middle of the night and I had to fish it out of his sleeper.
I just sat it on the changing table. 

And, that's where it continued to sit. 
See, gross.  
Neither of us wanted to touch it again.  We were at a stalemate.
Who was gonna cave first and throw it away....then I hatched a plot. 

And Cliff officially had a "present" to give his daddy. 

Hahahaha, gross. 
And that was pretty much Zac's reaction too. 

"Is that Cliff's cord. Ew. I'm gonna throw it away."

Sorry cord.  You were icky.
Happy birthday honey!
Cracked me up.

That evening we went out for a super classy dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.
It is not a real celebration if you don't have to use the extra straw on the table to clean your teeth.
Yep. Thanks husband for that move.  Sexy.

On the way there Zac realized it was cheap wings night.  He was thrilled, then a bit disappointed.
He said he hoped he could eat all that he planned to, since lunch had left him uncomfortably full.
He said "Seriously, I didn't stop being uncomfortable until about the time we left the house." (which was about 6:30)  And followed up with, "I went out to lunch for my birthday today.  It was half price taco day.  I ate 4 mini-burritos, 2 tacos, and a quesadilla."  Then I snort laughed.
He is ridiculous.  And apparently has a hollow leg.

Thank goodness for my ridiculous husband.
My ridiculous, 30 year old husband.
Happy birthday Zac.
You are loved.


  1. Happy Birthday Zac. What a yucky gift. Well it was a good thing til it fell off.

  2. Belated birthday wishes to Zac. You guys just have WAAAY too much fun! And that child of yours is a WonderBoy!

  3. Ahhh, sounds like a great birthday...except the cord part...yuck! :-)


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