Monday, October 15, 2012

One month old!

Last Friday Cliff had his one month visit with his pediatrician.  
This was, of course, 3 weeks since his previous visit.  
He was not quite 1 month, but rather 26 days old. 
This is his 26 days picture.  

He hates his pacifier. 

And quickly spits it out to return to screamin when he is not happy. 
Oh, poor Cliff!

Luckily Dad rocks and shortly Cliff was open mouth sleeping. 

We tried to take a family picture to commemorate Fordy Stu's one month well-baby visit, and failed. 


Oh well. 
Clifford is growing like a weed.  Dr. H is thrilled with him, and can't get over his hair.
And for those of you keeping up with his stats, Cliff is huge.
In the 3 weeks since his last visit, Cliff's head grew 3/4 of an inch (99th %tile), gained 2 whole pounds (now 12lbs 4oz, 97th %tile) and grew an inch and a half in length (98th %tile).

What can I say, my baby is a bit of a hog...and apparently I make buttermilk.
Keep up the good work Cliffy!


  1. He's big but adorable. That hair makes him look so much older.

  2. He seriously looks old enough to start him!

  3. Boy, does time fly! He is a doll...ya done good!


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