Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paulie C

Every night my baby gets a bath.  Currently he is bathed in the guest room sink...which he has just about out grown already.  At the end of his bath, we usually have one really irritated babe, with beautiful curly hair.  It is adorable.  As it dries, it sticks up, straight up.  
It cannot be controlled. 

The other night, we tried an experiment.  
What would happen if we combed his hair?

Which quickly turned into this. 

A screaming fit from Cliff

As Zac and I laughed

Because our baby puts Paulie D's blow out to shame. 

  We loved how as it dried, 

It looked more and more like Christopher Walkins' hair.

Oh Cliff.  You are so hilariously perfect. 


  1. Hilarious. He is so much fun. :)

  2. His hair is something else. So funny.

  3. Bkess his heart. One day he'll wish he still had all of that hair!

  4. It's not too many babies that could sport such a "do"!


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