Monday, September 24, 2012


Cliff is 2 weeks old now.  It is hard to believe.
Time. Is. Flying.  
I really will wake up a year from now, ten years from now, and wonder how it is possible.  
I know this already.  I find myself contemplating taking a picture of Clifford everyday, and turning it into some sort of photo montage where you get to see the progression of his growth and change over time....but I am too lazy for that. 

Luckily for me, I know photographers.  

Casey works with Maggie at her salon.  Her husband, Brett, is a photographer.  Not so long ago she was away with him for 3 days as he either learned new techniques, or taugh...I'm not sure.  
To avoid being super bored, Casey decided to take a class herself.  She chose infant photography.  
Now, even luckier for me, she needed a model to try things out on, and I happened to be knocked up.
Win win.  

Casey said the photos are best done around 7-10 days, when babies are still pretty sleepy most of the time.  Unfortunately for her, Clifford is a very alert baby.  
He fought me for 45 minutes after our session started before he finally took a nap. 

Casey had the studio nice and warm for my naked little man.  
I could barely keep my eyes open...I have no idea what his problem was. 
I think he just really digs snacks. 

Casey would take care of the setting up the background, then Little Cliff would be posed to perfection. 
He did well for a bit, then had 15 minute meltdowns in between poses.  There is nothing quite like trying to rock your baby and soothe him to sleep while trying not to take him out of the bucket or bowl he needs to be in.  Casey may have gotten the worst of it when he peed down her side 10 minutes into the first set of photos.  She ignored it like a champ.  
I assured her, baby pee is far less gross than pee from anyone/anything else.  
She agreed. 

I couldn't get over the pictures...even as they were being taken, I was already loving them.
Then Casey and Brett put this single shot online. 

O. M. G. 
My baby is perfection. 

This is Little Big Head, at 1 week and 1 day old.  
He is pretty much amazing. 

And, of course, I can't say thank you enough to Casey and Brett for making him their model.
I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures. 
The hard part will be picking which ones to get printed....
It will be nearly impossible.  

I am so glad we got to have had newborn pictures taken.  
I swear, he already looks different.  Still perfect, but different. 
Plus, it gives all you bloggers something to look forward to.  
And rest assured, if he hasn't stolen your heart already, his pictures will! 


  1. Oh sweet Jesus. I could eat that baby up. Those pictures are the BEST ever. Makes me want to have another baby.

  2. He is a handsome little BIG head!!!!

  3. He is absolutely a handsome little dude.

  4. Babe in a bucket is a great one - but I think the one with a scale is a very creative idea. Be sure to show us more!

  5. O.M.G. You baby IS PERFECTION! He is so adorable. A combo of both of you but I think mostly you. Also, sassy babies grow up to do great things. Even though he was a little uncooperative for the pictures, I think your are the kind of mom who would not want him to be too compliant. He has already stolen my heart, he reminds me so much of my son. I am living vicariously through your mom and this new baby because my daughter says I have to wait until she has been married for at least 3 years for a grand baby. Keep those pictures coming because he is a fantastic model.

  6. Oh my gosh he is seriously an angel!! That bucket picture is AMAZING!!!

  7. He is amazing and the!

  8. one of the sweetest baby photos i've ever seen!


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