Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bustin at the seams

When I first announced my pregnancy, one of the first things my family said, was "that baby is gonna be huge."  When I got my 8 week ultrasound both Annie and Maggie said, "he is big."
My 12 week ultrasound got the "he is GIANT!"  I laughed.  He was, 6 centimeters long, and both sisters insisted that he was "MUCH bigger" than their combined 5 children.

After my 20 week ultrasound that said he was measuring nearly 2 weeks big, I started to believe they may be right.

When my 37 week ultrasound said he had a 41 week old's head circumference and that he was already 8lbs 11oz, I was a bit worried.  For the sake of my lady business, I hoped the ultrasound was way off.  I was expecting, and praying, for a high 8, low 9 lb baby.

When I finally had my 42 week old baby, I was not shocked at his 10lbs 14oz.
I had been preparing.  I knew, all along, he would be big.  I did.
Proof of this fact, I returned almost all of his newborn outfits.
And, turns out, it's a good thing I did.

This is Cliff in one of his four newborn outfits.  

Notice the slightly short sleeves and the little ducks on the feet being strained to the max.  It's even a little small on his chest.  The man is big.  He can't help it.  

Then I realized, big is all a matter of perspective.  

Zac helped me bathe Cliff the other day.  As he was laying on the changing table, Zac kept putting his hand right in the center of his chest.  I asked him what he was doing.  He told me, "he's so little, I can basically palm him."  Truth.

Like I said, a matter of perspective.  
When your daddy is 6'4" and your mommy is nearly 5'10", you are allowed to be 22 inches long and you have earned the nickname "Little Big Head."


  1. He is the cutest. Can he run for president this year? I will totally vote for him.

  2. What a gorgeous baby(I know he's a boy) but he is gorgeous nonetheless!


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