Friday, September 7, 2012

In the process

We ended up coming to the hosptial last night.  It was kind of a messed up deal, I won't lie.  
Remember yesterday when I said my doc had a "procedure" and thought he might push us back...well, it was a procedure on himself, not a patient, which I did not realize.  Anyway, I called his office around 11 and asked about when we were going 7pm or 7am.  She said he would call after lunch.

At 5:30, I couldn't take it anymore.  I called the hospital to see if anyone had left orders for Zac and I.  
So I called my doc's answering service.  
Because of said procedure he was "off' until 6, but had another doc covering for him until that point.  I explained that I needed to know the 7pm or 7am details, as we live nearly an hour away and would need to leave soon.  I was connected to the other doc's answering service and told he would call me back.

I got a call back about 10 minutes later.  Most awkward call I've gotten in awhile.  It went like this....
Me: "hello"
Doc: "Doctor Han"
(Long pause as I expect him to continue....but he doesn't)
Me: "This is Abbie Ballard.  I am a patient of Dr. M.  Did your answering service get you my message?"
Doc: "Yes."
(Additional long pause as I expect, well, anything more to be said.)
Me: "I was supposed to receive a call letting me know if my induction was scheduled for tonight at 7 or tomorrow morning at 7, but I didn't hear anything.  I need to know soon, because we live in Shelbyville."
Doc: "You probably want to come tonight so he delivers you Friday." 
Me: "Ok, well, we will finish loading the car and be on our way up then."
Conversation over.   Odd. 

We got to the hospital right at 7.  There were no orders for us from either doc.  
The called Dr. M.  He called us back around 8 and said since we were already here, he would go ahead and let us stay if we wanted.  We wanted.  
They got us settled in.  Got the forms signed.  Took some blood.  And around 11 placed the cervidil. 
Now we wait.  It seems like everytime I was just falling good and asleep, Cliff's heartrate monitor would slide off my belly.  I feel sorry for the poor nurses that would come reposition it every hour or so.  Eventually, I just started putting on more ultrasound gel, and sliding it around myself.  When in Rome people.  

My nurses changed shifts at 6.  So far they have all been great.  So far Zac has been decent.  He ran out to get us dinner last night.  We weren't sure if the Doc would be ok with me eating, but Zac left before we had heard back.  I got a text message from him that said "I'm just gonna get you somethin, then I'll eat it if you can't."  No shock there!  I was annoyed, however, when he only brought in 1 of the 2 pillows I packed and I wanted to cut him cause my hospital pillows suck the hind tit....but I didn't.  I let it go, cause I put on my big girl perspective pants.  You should all know that as I type this, at 8am, Zac is fully engrossed in the iPad, watching a horror movie called "Rubber."  Seriously, only my husband thinks birth and horror movies are a winning combo.

It's now 1:30 and this is the 12 hours of cervidil made me 50% effaced and dilated only to a 1.  I dreaded the thought of another 12 hours on my back or side, but the nurse said she would hook me up to a portable monitor and I can walk after an hour.  With pitocin, I know I would have immediate contractions and pain and pretty much need the I passed.  There will probably come the time, but that time isn't yet.
Now I am waiting again until the order for the cervidil is through.  It will be 3 I imagine before I am re-cerved, then 12 more hours.  Wish me luck and patience, and of course, lots of dilation and the rest of my effacement.

Keep those prayers comin!


  1. Rubber is a great movie. Good luck!

  2. you've been on my mind and prayers most of the day.

  3. It's Friday. Is he HERE yet? Hope you got a smidgen of sleep last night to be UP for the big day. (I had to ask my farm-bred husband about that "back tit" thing. He explained it. I had the general idea.)


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