Monday, September 3, 2012

Presents for Katie

One thing that I've found that I love about being pregnant (that I didn't expect) is how joyful I feel for other people's pregnancy announcements.  Shortly after I found out about my bean, my friend Katie found out she was pregnant too.  She told me when she was about 10 weeks, or 2 weeks from her first ultrasound. 

After her ultrasound I got a message from her about the experience.  I told her how amazing the 12 week ultrasound was for me.  How I could count baby's fingers and toes.  She responded, "we have 20!"  That's right, twins!  I was SO excited for her!

I could not wait for her to have her 20 week ultrasound and find out what she was having. 
I guessed 1 boy and 1 girl.
I was right!

Next step for me was to figure out what to make Mr. Man and Little Lady.  
One of my favorite things I received at my shower were oversized flannel blankets.  I knew for sure that I wanted to do that.  

Mr. Man got a manly blue stripe and a dark green and blue flannel.  Oh so masculine. 
FLN- Blue & Green Tartan Plaid Flannel Fabric

Little Miss got some pretty flannels too (which I of course can't find online).  They were so cute.  Pink and girly with little elephants and birds.  Makes me wish I was having a girl!
(At some point, I will have my mind back and will remember to take pictures of the stuff I make.)  

I decided that both babes needed pretty burp rags.  I had been meaning to make some for Cliff and when Zac took an evening to watch a terrible movie I had no interest in, it seemed like the perfect time.  
I looked through my fabric stash and picked out some that I loved for the kiddos.  

These are the rags I made for Katie.  Again....will remember to take pictures.  These are terrible cell phone pictures with terrible color....

Since I was sewing, I whipped up these for Cliff. 
I love the 4 on the right because I made them from men's button up t-shirts that were handed down to me from Kylie (and Jade I think).  Now Cliff has a little something from his uncles.  

Of course I can't make stuff for the little men in my life without considering Little Miss.  Again, the girly fabrics really made me happy and look forward to day I have a sweet, sassy little lady.  I gave her a little more variety, as I figure she will have all kinds of fancy outfits.  

How precious is that rose fabric.  It melts my heart!

After I got their burp rags done there was one other thing I wanted to make for Mr. Man.  
I had told my best friend that I desperately wanted to make tie onesies for Cliff.  She surprised me at my shower by making him 3 little tie outfits.  
I can't wait for him to wear them.  One is packed already for his hospital pictures!
I wanted that same kind of adorable for Katie's babe, so I headed to the thrift store and picked out some ties and fabric belts to make suspender onesies too!  

This is what I came up with. 

Super cute right?  I love them.  And, just so ya know, super hard to sew.  As you make your way down the body of the onesie, it starts to bunch up and it is really hard not to sew multiple fabric layers into a jumble.  I know this, because I did it and had to stop and seam rip it out with EVERY shirt I sewed.  
But, the ends justified the means and I love the way they turned out!

For her Little Miss, I really couldn't think of anything.  Really.  I tried.  I thought about necklace onesies and ruffle butts, but ya never know what size a twin will be, so I cheated.  I headed over to my friend Darby's shop (Underground Vintage Studio) and bought 2 ah-mazing headbands for her.  
Again, I forgot pictures.  

Katie is due some time in November.  She has told me when....I have no memory for the actual date.  You should be aware, however, that I couldn't wait on the shower.  I have already taken all of it to her.  
She loved the blankets, and burp rags, and onesies and headbands.  
I was thrilled.  
Ya never know when you give handmade if you are meeting expectations, or if someone thinks that you've given them something random that they simply can't return to a store.  
Of course, the things I made were FREAKING ADORABLE so how could she not love them :)
Now I just have to wait for 2 little thanksgiving twinnies to hug and kiss on!

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