Saturday, September 1, 2012

Man up

As you all know I have been working for months to have my house ready for baby Clifford.  One of the last things I needed to do was evict his dad from his bathroom.  Not hard right?  Wrong.  
Zac is so stubborn (not that I am...or Cliff is)!  
Since our master bedroom is open to the bathroom, Zac always got ready in the guest bathroom.
I assured him he didn't have to, I was up anyway.  
He insisted.  Which drove me crazy, because that also meant he always left his toothbrush and his man products on the counter.  I always had to clean them up when anyone came over.  Plus, somehow the man has like 3 sets of trimmers/clippers and they all found their way under the vanity...or on the vanity. 

I warned Zac he would have to quit that.  The bathroom is small, and the little vanity has just 2 drawers and a little space behind 2 doors.  Due to my mega aversion to toilet paper holders...we were down to 1 drawer, which needed to belong to Cliff.  

I seriously moved Zac out, and back into our bathroom 4 times at a minimum.  
I think it may have actually been 5.  
After the last time I told him if he tried to move back in, I was going to get mean....I would start deleting movies from his hard drive.  For those of you that know Zac, this is a very serious offense.  He, so far, has stayed "moved out." 
Threats work people.  
Turns out, sometimes marriage is about frivolous threats.
I don't regret ransom-ing his movies.  Not one bit. 

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. 
Previously the guest bathroom had been a little girly.  Well, a lot girly.  
I had a shower curtain I found at the thrift store that was a floral pattern from the seventies, all hot pink and orange and green.  It was fab.  
Plus it went great with some super pink towels.  (Funny that it was "Zac's" bathroom, but he can't care about color schemes...)
I knew pink wouldn't do for Cliff.  We needed this bathroom to "man up."
I looked online through curtains and didnt' find any that really blew my skirt up, so I figured I would just make one.  I had fabric in mind.  
I don't know about you guys, but I am loving chevron fabric!
I used grey and white on the back of Cliff's crib quilt and knew it could make a great graphic curtain for him and work with lots of colors so I wouldn't get too sick of it.  
Now it was just time to chevron up!
This is his new bathroom.

For those of you that aren't big sewers, curtains are super simple.   Literally, fold and sew a straight line.  Before you know it, BAM curtain time.  
I decided to get a little crazy and sew button holes into my curtain for the rings.  Talk about a pain!  It is not that the process was hard...since my machine's button thing is fully automated.  It was my own incompetence.  I couldn't find my manual that said how to use the button hole maker.
Then I spent an entire hour misreading the directions from the manual I downloaded.
Then I couldn't measure because my pregnant brain can't do math at this point.  I literally had to ask Zac for help....and draw a diagram, to make sure I did it correctly.  It was lame...a lame word problem...

"if your curtain is 90 inches wide and there are 12 curtain rings, with the first and last rings starting 1 inch from the edge how far apart do your button holes need to be to make the rings evenly spaced?" would have drawn it out too.
(In math class, they now call word problems "critical thinking."  I don't think any school math problem qualifies as "critical" but the irony of being unable to perform critical thinking was not lost on me.)

The point is, I button-holed the heck out of that shower curtain and now it looks awesome. 

I got the rug right the first time, but not the towels.  
I had bought fab ones that I loved from Kohls...and then the lighting in the bathroom made them look a funny color.  I returned them, and bought 6 more towels.  I returned 4 of those...and bought 2 more.
I am a girl with opinions people!  I need options!

(Thank you Kohl's for your easy returns process.  It allows me to be completely fickle with zero consequence.  Turns out, I appreciate that. ) 

After 4 tries, orange and grey it is!
I am very happy with it. 
The bathroom is super manly.  And now, super ready for Cliff Stu! 


  1. If I have 4 pancakes and you have 7 tires, how many popsicles does your husband eat? None, because my dog doesn't wear shoes. Stupidity abounds. The Dude abides.

  2. it was quite the ordeal. mainly because i marked it incorrectly TWICE before i broke down and drew a picture. then zac had to draw his own picture because he is a boss cow that doesn't believe in my competency....not that he had reason :)

  3. Its adorable...I commend you for even attempting the button holes...Im a math moron, I wouldnt have even given it a try. When my girls were in about 4th grade, they started to say, "never mind, we'll ask daddy!" My feelings were not hurt. Checkin' in to see if that baby has arrived yet...sorry about your van, that just stinks. We've hit a few in our day, a little deer can do big damage!! We live in a neighborhood that's pretty wooded, but still has plenty of traffic. We see about 8 or 9 deer every afternoon on our way's gotten so that we've made up stories about them. One day it was two buck and two babies. We decided "the men" had adopted. The next day we saw 2 mamas with 2 babies, and decided maybe the men we're just giving the ladies the day off the day before. My husband left the fence to our backyard open one night, they came in and had a party, eating whatever they could find left in our garden. A couple days later there was a deer standing in the middle of the yard (near the fence) looking like, "hey lady, could you open that gate back up, we think we missed something!" I want to somehow let them all know that venison is my comfort food!!! :0) Well, the full moon has definitely meant my kids at school have been WILD, here's hoping that it's worked for you as well!

  4. math story problems were ALWAYS my least favorite. so it's critical thinking huh? what's so critical about " if train A leaves chicago at 10.25, goes 60 mph, what time will it be when train B passes it? "
    I always wanted to say things like..." who really cares? when they meet up.

    btw the manned-up bathroom is ...manly. Cliff Stu will love it.

  5. You're so "in"! House Beautiful's Color Issue says orange is the hottest color going! Great look, Abbie.

    And I'm SO sad about the deer thing. Congrats to your mother for being so stalwart in face of the news of your accidental killing. (Well, I guess I don't know how the deer fared, do I?)


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