Sunday, September 2, 2012

My belly in review..

For a long time, I really didn't feel or look too pregnant.  
I knew I was, of course, but I was still waiting for the day when someone walked up and asked how far along I was, instead of just looking curiously at me and contemplating whether or not I was just getting fat.  Don't get me wrong, I was/am thrilled with that.  I attribute it to the fact that I am tall and big to begin with, so I can carry the extra weight well and I pretty much kicked ass with my weight gain.   

This was me at about 5 months I think....I am not 100%.
I feel like nothing was really happening yet. 

I always felt like things were much bigger when I laid down and my belly shifted a bit.  
This is me on April 14th, working on 5 and 1/2 months.
My belly seems so tiny now.

At 6 and 1/2 months was really when I started to be shocked.  When I laid down, I just couldn't get over it.  I would lay on the floor and insist Zac "look, look at this belly!"  He was unimpressed as you can tell by his complete disinterest in the background.  

This is me at 7 months.  Cliffbelly seems so pointy!  It's funny to look back at.  

By July 14th, 8 and 1/2 months, I was growing bigger and getting to the point where Cliffbelly blocked my view of anything else.  Clearly I took this picture in the morning...notice the shirt and sheet pattern all over my belly.  Nice.

This was at 8 and 1/2 months...check out how my belly is now higher than the coffee table in the picture.

Before I knew it, I was 9 months in and was shocked, SHOCKED at how that belly showed up.
Ironically, this is pretty much the outfit I was wearing when I hit those deer the other day.  I told pants and spaghetti strap tanks, not the best "leaving the house" look.

Now that I'm 10+ months, I am over the belly.  I can't get anything done! Well, anything that requires deep breaths, bending, quick movement, or being in a slightly balled-up position.  
This makes cleaning tub and toilet need some work.
I also have to gain some serious momentum to get myself out of bed.  And rolling over at night...let me tell ya, it is a suckfest.  Sometimes at night I make Zac "hold strong" so I can use my upper body to help.  I can't quite fathom what the change will be like.  To go from giant belly, to empty belly.  

It's funny the things the kiddos have said during the wait.  Caroline told me the other day that after I had Clifford, or "Chiffowd," then I would have a little belly.  I kissed her for saying such a nice thing...
It turns out I should have taken her up on her offer awhile back.  She told me that if I would open up my bellybutton, we could take Cliff out.

Everett stopped by with his mom to pick up Ollie one day.  He had a thousand questions about Cliff's toys that she was playing with.  He had to see them, and then where they lived in his room.  Just before he left he told me that after I had Cliff, they would come visit me at the hospital because "that's what we do."  Apparently, Ev knows the drill.  
Last Sunday after church I picked him up and hugged him.  He asked me if I would put him down so he could hug and kiss Cliff too...which he promptly did.  I won't lie, it was adorable.  

Last Sunday is what I considered my due date.  I forgot to take a picture that day...even after Mom reminded me.  
But, on August 30th, I remembered.  
This is me on my "official" due date.
Holy big belly Batman!

He has definitely taken up all the space I have to offer.  And all the space my tank tops have to offer too.  Zac and I worked at the office for just a bit today.  I tried to take the green tape off of the floor trim.   I made it around 1/2 of the waiting room before I had to admit, I simply cannot do this.  Clifford does not have any give at this point.  

For all you ladies that have been fretting over me, I have been home, kicking it on the couch for the last couple hours.  I also have very little on my to do list for tomorrow.  I built the frame for a printer cart on Saturday, and I would like to finish it.  I need to sweep my kitchen...and that's about the extent of the "to-do" list.  Zac has tomorrow off.  That's 2, count em, 2 days off in a row.  That never happens. 
We are going to spend the day together.  Like Maggie said, last days together that it's just us.  We have like 3 and 1/2 days MAX, and that blows my mind.  
Start sayin prayers everyone.  If he hasn't made it here on his own by Wednesday, he is being evicted!  


  1. So cool that you kept a photo record for your belly! As the mom of a first born who will be 18 next month, relish and cherish your remaining days as a couple...Blessigs, Abbie!

  2. Yay he will be here so soon now! I cannot wait to meet him.

  3. Wow, doesn't seem possible that he will be here soon. Parker will be 23months on the 5th, that doesn't seem Possible either. I am so Excited for you & I can't wait to see Pictures of him. I just love the Belly Pictures. I am/was the same way when I was Pregnant with Parker. I didn't look Pregnant until I was 8 1/2ish months, then Boom I had a Baby Belly. LOL

  4. I was two weeks over due with my first. I remember thinking I was truly going to be the first person to be pregnant FOR.EVER. She took her time and had to be induced, she came in at 9.3......I thought that was big for my tall but smallish frame. (Then the next one had to out do her and weighed 10.2)

    What I remember about both pregnancies is that it does feel so strange after they're not in there anymore.... You get so used to feeling like there's an alien in you, kicking, stretching, hiccupping...and then all of a sudden it stops. I missed it. I also remember feeling so skinny, I mean heck, I gave birth to a 3 month old, right?! Yeah, then I looked in the middle and was totally depressed...poked my stomach and it felt like jello. Amazingly, that all literally just "falls off" dont despair! I have a feeling you'll have Cliff strapped in a papoose and he'll be finishing floors before his belly button falls off!! Thinking about you and wishing you all the best...Im jealous that you get to smell a newborn soon...there's NOTHING better, especially when its your own!!!

  5. Dear Abbie,
    Hoping he comes before you burst and/or he's evicted.
    One of those Frettin' Ladies


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