Thursday, September 6, 2012

The first, of many, updates

So, Cliff and I went to the doctor yesterday.  
We did not get the news we wanted.

I have been praying for effacement and dilation.  I really wanted to be like a 50% and a 3.  Nope.
Just a little effaced.  Not at all dilated.  
Seriously, what more can I do?!  

Doc palpated my belly, said Cliff's back was on the right and set up to listen to his heart.  I was shocked.  I had thought FOR WEEKS that his back was on the left.  He had a hard time finding a real steady heart beat.  He told me, based on yesterday, that I was to stay for an NST (non-stress test where they monitor the heartbeat) and then I was to go to have another ultrasound to see what size Cliffy is estimated to be at now.  

Off I went for my NST.  The electrodes slid around and Clifford danced and danced during the whole thing.  Then I was off for my ultrasound.
The ultrasound tech was great.  I got to see his super fat, super squished-up face again.  The measured his head, chest, and femur.  His femur was right at 41 weeks, so exactly on point.  His heart rate was good.  He was busy dancing again.

I asked her about how Cliff was laying and told her where I thought he was. 
I was right.  His back is all up the left side of me.  Silly man. :)
I hate to be that girl that second guesses her Doc (especially in front of a student), so I didn't push it during the NST, but I thought to myself, "either he is wrong, or my palpation skills are REALLY off."  
I am happy to know that I haven't lost my touch...cause that would really suck!

After the ultrasound I had to wait for the radiologist to read the ultrasound, call Doc M, and see what he wanted the plan to be.  
I talked with the nurse first.  Cliff is approximately 10lbs 8oz.  No shock there.  
Doc has a "procedure" today, so if we had gone to the hospital last night, he would not have been the guy that delivered the fat man.
He has me scheduled to go to the hospital tonight at 7pm to get the process started.
He said not to be shocked if he calls and has be come Friday instead, so he must have a busy day today.  

All in all, I feel ok about everything.  
I would have preferred an all natural labor and delivery...but that's probably not gonna happen at this point.  My only, and biggest concern, is that I will have to wait until Friday morning, then have 12hrs with cervidil before pitocin, simply because it will be really hard to sleep with pitocin contractions, and I don't want to be too exhausted to push out "little big head."

There ya go everyone, your new prayer request.  Lots more effacement and dilation, plenty of stamina and NO C-SECTION!
I DO NOT want a c-section.  That would slow me down way too much and make it really difficult to start my practice still recovering from that surgery.  I simply cannot abide either.  Shocker right?

When I hear from Doc, I'll let you all know. 
Until then, say some prayers, light a candle for me, start fasting...ya know, the usual. 


  1. Poor you. That boy is camped out in there for good.

  2. okay i'll be getting specific about those prayers now for sure. thanks for the update, i've been wondering about little big head...and you.

  3. Darn those stubborn Ballard genes. He is showing a tendency to take things in his own sweet time, isn't he? We'll be praying for you. Thanks for the update.

    Aunt Jean

  4. Praying Praying Praying

  5. Praying for you. Try not to be too upset if you need a c-section. It really is not that bad but I hope that you don't have to find out.

  6. You got it, Lady! Praying per your instructions. May even do the candle thing. Or maybe not.

  7. I know you probably won't be reading this til after the fact, but my first was induced...I was not second was a C-Section which I was adamately against, my third was natural in every way...Now almost 18, 15 and 8 years later, the deliveries matter not. Healthy, big headed babies and a healthy, albeit, exhausted Mama do. Praying for you both and can hardly wait to hear detais..well, maybe not ALL the details...Blessings, Abbie.


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