Friday, September 21, 2012

Two weeks in review

I cannot believe that Clifford has been here for almost two weeks. 
Even more...I cannot believe that 2 weeks ago, he fit in my abdomen!  Crazy talk. 

Anyway, as you all well know, we were at the hospital forever.  Thursday to Tuesday....and Cliff didn't get there til Sunday.  It was a long stay.  Cliff arrived at a leisurely pace.  
I have no idea where he gets it. 

When it was finally time to leave the hospital, I had to make sure that ol Fordy Stu looked like a proper gentleman since he kept so many ladies waiting all that while.  
This is his "leaving the hospital" outfit.  

He is so handsome...

 and his hair is long enough to braid. 

Plus, my favorite thing... when he gets a bath, his hair is super curly.

Doesn't that rock?
It does.

It is no wonder that this handsome man is getting mad love from everyone.  
Aubrie was so excited to meet him that she bawled when her mom and dad said they needed to wait another day before they came over.  

She also asked Annie if Cliff had Down Syndrome.  Annie told her no, he did not.  She continued to question, wanting to know if the doctors were sure and if they had done testing.  Annie assured her, Cliff does not have DS.  Aubrie said that maybe next time I could have a baby with Down Syndrome.  
Aubrie knows that Ollie is perfect the way she is. I love that.  

Everett was also thrilled with Cliff.
But then again, he was thrilled with the coffee table, and the floor vent, and the fridge, and Ford's toys. 

Look at those two pretty men.  
We Fox girls make good lookin babies.

Uncle Jade (the tan-est man we know) was loving Cliff.
He has big plans to get in some one-on-one time without Annie and the kids present.  
I am in full support of being a baby hog, so I encourage such behaviors.

(Sorry Uncle Jade for the long shot of man thigh in this picture.  Who knew I took a picture straight up your pant leg.)

In between visitors, baby and I kick it.
We have a pretty relaxed schedule, meaning we don't have a schedule at all.
We sleep until we wanna get up, eat when we wanna eat.  
We ignore the dangers of sleeping together...and cuddle in the mornings.
  Cliff likes to snack and snooze.  I can't blame him. 

In the evenings, he and his daddy get in some bonding time.
Zac always yells at me for taking pictures.  He swears the flash wakes up Cliff.  In reality, the flash wakes up Zac and he is a grouch when he is woken up. 

They are my two favorite men.

Lest you be concerned, I still get in plenty of snuggle time with babe.

He thinks I rock.
It may because he relies on me to make his food, and I am pretty good at that, or it may simply be that I am awesome.  

He is happy.
There is no debating that. 

He is perfect. 

(His dad captured that picture.  Zac's timing was simply luck.  Sidenote...when Zac is taking pictures, the flash is no concern.  It proves my theory that Zac is the one opposed to the flash, not Cliffy.)

Now don't be fooled with all these sweet sleeping baby pictures.  Cliff Stu is a very alert baby. 
He got in a stare down with his Aunt Annie the other day.  She lost.  Big time.
She was very nearly entranced by his big blue eyes. 
But he likes to stretch and smile and flail his crazy arms.  

He is a big talker too.  He coos and flirts like a pro.

He is 10lbs (nearly 11lbs) of peely-skinned, crazy-haired joy.

This is his "strong man" pose. 
Watch out for it ladies. 

We have also made it out of the house a bit.  Clifford had his appointment with his pediatrician.
He went rocking a sweet gown I made him.   I figured there was no need to do a full-on outfit when he was gonna have to be stripped to his birthday suit.  

He makes a gown look manly.

He is tough. 

And he has Ricky Bobby hands. 

None of you will be shocked to know that Clifford was in the 99th percentile in height, weight, and head circumference.  I sent the message to Zac, letting him know his stats.  He wrote back that Cliff was "100th percentile in awesome."  My friend Darby wrote back the same thing.  I told her that I was glad that she was as thrilled with our baby as we are.  I like that kind of dedication in a friend :)

He had lost weight and was right at 10lbs before we left the hospital.  To be expected when you are disconnected from "full feed" and have to wait on your mommy's body to throw the "on" switch at the milk factory.  From Tuesday, when we left the hospital, to Friday's appointment, he had put on 4oz.  I think it is safe to say that Cliff will be a big man. 

I had my follow-up with Dr. M yesterday.  He told me I didn't look like I hadn't even had a baby.  I loved him for saying such a thing, and reminded him that Cliff is huge and I was all baby, so I should be lookin pretty good, which amused him.  He also said he is amazed with how well some people heal, so I take that to be a good thing.  Zac told me my incision looks completely healed already.  Dr. M replaced the surgical strips, so I can't really see it again, but I will take Zac's word for it.  I am thrilled with my progress and I talked him into letting me drive starting Monday.  I go back in 2 weeks to see him and make sure I'm still kickin ass.  In the meantime, I'll try to post more often cause I know you've all fallen in love and you need a photo fix of my amazing Clifford Stuart!


  1. We do need our fix. Keep those pictures coming and give him a big hug from his great aunt & uncle.

    Aunt Jean

  2. While everyone else is staring at his amazing hair...know that I simply cannot break MY gaze from those naturally-flawless, perfectly arched eyebrows! Hazel is jealous, and has good reason to be...her momma had a unibrow by age seven...

  3. I am going to restate the fact that Clifford rocks my world! HE.IS.AWESOME! You and Zac are such great parents and Cliffy is one lucky man! I simply cannot wait to see you both again and I will be practicing my baby hogging skills (except Bella will be worse than me...which means I will have to share... dang it). I am glad that you are feeling so good and that you have such a happy little guy! See you both soon!

  4. What an awesome family you all make!


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