Saturday, September 8, 2012

Still workin on it

It has been a whole day and a half now.  Zac and I are fully settled into the hospital.  The first night was rough....I won't lie.  Zac and I waited what felt like forever to get the ball rollin.  I tried hard to sleep, but the bed was killin me.  I had to roll over about every hour.  That meant my nurse was in every hour to adjust my monitor.  It was a long, long, night.  

The next part of our day was drawn out....
I wanted to update you guys forever, hoping that there was a plan worth celebrating.  
My in-laws showed up around 11, right after the cervidil came out.  At the time I was dilated to a 1, and  about 50% effaced.  I had to wait for a minimum of 2 hours. It ended up being more than that.  The doc gave me the option of pitocin, I opted for the second round of cervidil since he really wanted me at a 2 before I got an IV.  That went in at 2.  By the time my mom and sisters got here around 3:30 or 4, that was taking full effect.  I had pretty much constant cramps.  Long ones that I had to breathe through.  

After the shift change I got a great nurse named Debbie.  She checked me, told me I wasn't quite a 2.  
At about 7 I couldn't handle being awake anymore.  I watched bad t.v. and catnapped.  At about 10 I slept for a full hour straight and wanted to celebrate.  At 11ish I told Debbie I thought the cervidil had slipped.  She checked me, told me it had, and that I hadn't changed. 
 I proceeded to have a mini-meltdown.
  Mom and Maggie were here, so they joined me for a cry and then told me to go to bed. 
 I did sleep on and off until 1:30, then knew that the cervidil was coming out at 2 and couldn't rest.  Debbie checked it at 2 and said I was at a 2, a little more than 50% effaced.  Slight progress.  I still wanted to bawl.  Instead I did what I knew I should do, and went to sleep.  I rested until 4 and then got set up on pitocin.  Then Debbie did me the biggest favor of any of the nurses and pretty much ignored the monitor as I shifted all night long.  I can't tell ya how much that helped.  Both Zac and I slept lots.  I was even making it up to an hour and a half at a time.  

Shift change happened at 6.  I've been on the pitocin since 4:15. I've basically napped and napped as much as I could.  I thought I should not, I should sit up so my contractions were stronger, but I decided I would rather have slower progress than be exhausted this early on.  My nurse just checked me again.  I am almost a 3 and 80% effaced so things are heading the right direction for Cliffy and I.  

I must say, I am shocked.  Shocked.  Pitocin (which I had dreaded) has been so much better than the cervidil it is ridic.  I may not be saying that in a few hours, but I was able to sleep and am making progression without the back pain that was wiping me out.  They just bumped me to the max on pit....for how long that happens I don't know.  My doc is gonna come check on me sometime relatively soon and we are supposed to talk "plan."  I have a plan, keep doing what I'm doing.   They say the biggest battle is getting to a 4 and that can take 12 hours, so I still have 6 to go, assuming that things go as they have so far.  

So that's the news.  All of it.  I will probably not update again til Cliff is here.  I sure hope I dont have the time to.....
Keep up the prayers!


  1. COME ON OUT CLIFFY! the world awaits your arrival.
    hang in there little're doing grand.

  2. Bless your heart! Hope tomorrow we have pictures of Cliff (Ford?)!

  3. Ok, so you wrote this 8 or so hours ago...Im praying that you're holding that sweet baby. I went the Pitocin route too and wouldnt wish it on anyone...but I could feel and remember your frustration. I told you, I was sure I was going to be the first person to just be pregnant for.ever. my first child just didnt want to come out. Good news, she's been an angel ever since... :) praying for you and cannot wait for an update!!!!


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