Sunday, September 23, 2012

A good deal

My husband loves a deal.  Can't pass one up.  
At Best Buy he has a pretty sweet discount.  He also has something called "accomodation" programs where manufacturers offer BB employees additional discounts or rebates on top of his regular discount.  
He is generally thrilled with his discount, as am I.  

It used to be that Zac would come home with a blue bag stuffed full and then we would have to have a talk about priorities.  Now, fortunately, he calls before he drops money on random things we don't really need.  Well, most of the time. 

Two days ago he called to ask if I needed any Sharpies.  He said that they were on "mega super discount."  I told him sure, I could use a couple at the office.  To which Zac replied, "Good, cause I already bought them."  He said they were on close out, and he bought a ton.  

These are the markers he bought.

This is his receipt.  
That's 39 Sharpies for $10.  
Mega. Super. Discount. 

I told him I would take a pack of the colored markers to the office, and probably a pack of black too.  
He told me that was fine, just so long as I saved a pack of black ones for my dad.  
I have a husband that thinks of my dad, and does little things for him, just cause he love him.  
Now that's the really good deal.  


  1. That is a good deal! Those things are expensive. I know you have nieces and nephews you adore, there's a fun craft you can do with Sharpies. Put jars lids of different sizes inside a white t-shirt and secure with rubber bands. Use markers to color all inside the lid. Then drop rubbing alcohol onto the design with a medicine dropper, or use q-tips. The marker will run and blend, and you have easy tie-die shirts. Dry them in the dryer on high heat before washing, to set the ink. I'll bet they will love it.

  2. Sound like great deals all around from the Sharpies to your man.


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