Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The countdown

Baby Ollie finally gets here tomorrow!  She makes her big debut to the world.  I, of course, am working the whole day and stupidly scheduled my last patient of the day at 5:15.  I gotta hit the road ASAP and rely on my ever-present lead foot to get me there "quick, fast, and in a hurry" as my family likes to say.  I am just sure Ollie will be there before I am, so I'm hoping she's all cleaned up and I can walk right in to kiss her pretty face and force whoever has her to hand her over.  I will also get to see Zac for the first time since very early Monday morning and will hopefully get  a nice dinner date with him too.  Say prayers for Ollie and the family as we travel and put in lots of time in the waiting room.  Oh, and remember, GET EXCITED!  You will get to see pictures of her very soon, like tomorrow soon!

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