Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project day!

I get one Saturday off a month.  One glorious, work-free, low stress day.  Kind of.  Today I did get to sleep in, but it's been pretty much go, go, go since then.  First things first, I got my butt to Hobby Lobby.  I have had requests for 6 paintings and 1 guest "book" tree to fill.  Plus my sewing machine has been dinked up for awhile so I figured new needles will surely fix my problem.  That remains to be seen as I didn't even get to sewing today, but I did get my paint slingin done!  After I got myself up and rolling I high-tailed it to Decatur and back before noon cause I HAD to get to my rental trailer. 

Unfortunately for me, my renter called last night to let me know the roof was leaking in the kitchen.  Considering that we just got the darn place rented again and the guy has lived there like a week I seriously thought about curling up on the floor and crying...but I tugged up my big girl pants and went to Ace Hardware to get what is essentially tar to fix the cracks.  I had to wrangle a ladder and climbed up on that roof.  That's when I had my next hide my face and sob moment, the roof was still half covered in snow and I had no option but to sit in the slush to scoot to the areas that needed patched.  Half an hour and almost an entire bucket of tar later I climbed onto the teetery ladder in my now entirely soaked jeans shivering and relatively pissed off at life.  Luckily for me, I headed home, put on dry pajama pants and made cupcakes.  I had that kinda freedom today.  

After my "feel less angry"cupcakes were out of the oven and I got over the mini-fit I threw when I burned my wrist on the middle oven rack, I started on my biggest canvas for my friend Jamie.  When the sisters and I were working consistently on Ethel Edith (our side business) we redecorated Jamie's house to get it ready to go on the market.  I had done paintings of her kids then, and she requested paintings of her kids to fill empty walls in their new bathroom.  She wanted 1 with her kids in the bathtub and another of whatever I felt like....which turned into 3 of whatever I felt like.  This is what I decided on.  You gotta have a painting of your kids with bubble hair and bubble mustaches.  You just gotta.  

I figured each kid needs a little time in the spotlight too so they each got an individual painting taking care of their bathroom stuff.  

This one is my favorite simply because of the expression I drew on his face, oh, and the nipples.  Crack me up!  

After I got Jamie's paintings done I did two more for a lady named Heather.  Heather saw the paintings I had done for Jamie and requested her girls be done.  I am following that up with a request for a peacock in teal, and an owl in red.  

I think they turned out fab!  Now I just need to get everything ok'd by my buyers and I can mark those two (well, 6) projects off my list!

In between paintings I made dinner for Zac and I.  It went south fast.  I make a mean spaghetti and meatballs, but I think my can of tomatoes was bad because it had a terrible aftertaste and we had to throw out an entire batch and start over.  (Which, by the way, I could not convince Zac just to pour back into the tin cans until it cooled, then throw away.  He insisted we must flush it down the toilet.) This super sucked cause we were out of onion and had to borrow the one we used in the bad batch from our neighbor.  I didn't feel like we could really ask for another because I'm not always cool with being "that guy."  The second sauce turned out great and Zac slammed like 7 meatballs so I know he approved and I felt much better with sauce that didn't taste like I'd melted a plastic baggie into it.  

That's pretty much been my day.  It's 10 o'clock now and am totally ready for bed.  I tell ya, it's been a long non-work work day.  Hope you've all enjoyed your Saturday and my paintings, and I'll let ya know what kind of escapades Zac and I have in Chicago tomorrow. 


  1. Love them , love you. Nice work ethic, by the way!
    PS I need back work from cleaning closets :)

  2. Abby, I absolutely love the paintings you did for Jme...they are G.R.E.A.T. to say the least!!!
    Granny Carol

  3. Abbie the paintings are FAB! I'm thinkin that I am going to need an Abbie original SOON! I am trying to decide what I want and where I am going to put this new piece of fabulousness and then I will let you know! Great work!


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