Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family resemeblance

Now that Baby Ollie is here we finally get to swee who she really looks like.  Turns out, she looks just like Aubrie.  This is Olliebean on her very first day of life (left) and Aubrie the day she was born (right)

Or how bout these two.  Again, Ollie left and Aubrie on the right.

Aren't they both just precious.  Both are such pretty little babies, but, Aubrie's mohawk was much bigger because she had this much hair.

And I can't really put  both girlies on here without a picture of Ev as a little babe.  Now that he's on here, he looks just like ollie too.  I'll even throw up that same picture for comparison.  They are all so perfect.  

So for now, we all wait.  Wait for Ollie to poop so she can finally come home.  I can't wait to see her and get to hold her for more than ten minutes.  Hope you enjoyed the little peak at some baby pics.  They are undenialby perfect. 


  1. You are right.... they are undeniably perfect!! Thanks for the post and the pics! Praying for poo, so she will soon be home with everyone!

  2. Beautiful! She does look a lot like aubrie.


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