Friday, February 25, 2011

Life is a like a song

Zac and I have ecclectic taste in music.  We know this is because we are awesome.  Only people as cool as us listen to both Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Nine Inch Nais in the same evening, on vinyl no less.  But seriously, we like to scour record stores in every new town we visit to find the next jewel to add to our collection.  It's one of our favorite things to do.  Our newest album purchase was 
We dig it!  We decided to go see them play a live show.  Zac picked the one in St. Louis, but it was yesterday and neither of us wanted to have to pull a late night show and early morning, we aren't kids anymore ya know.  So we picked the show in Chicago and bought tickets.  It was only later that we realized that the show is on a Sunday night and we were idiots.  Luckily Zac gets to take Monday off so he gets the late night driving shift cause my Monday is filling up with patients.  I'm gonna be draggin!  

Concerts are one of my favorite things to do with Zac.  When we lived in St. Louis we had more opportunity to see great bands.  We saw Radiohead and had a great time at 311/Snoop Dogg.  I hope when we go visit our friends in Portland we get a chance to catch a great band play.  We shall see.  For now Zac and I need to decide on a plan.  We aren't sure if we are gonna head to Chicago tomorrow night and spend the day wondering around the city, or do a marathon drive there and back on Sunday.  Decisions, decisions.  I'm always up for some priceline negotiating for a great hotel for far less than I should pay.  Zac and I both love Chicago.  We even talked about living there before.  I'm not so sure that  Chicago is right for us anymore, but we still love to visit.  I am looking forward to a long drive, good pizza, a loud band and a cold beer.  I'm sure after said beer and pizza I will have at least one amuzing Zac tale to tell.  Until then, follow this link to hear Cage the Elephant play Aint' No Rest for the Wicked and take a minute to jam!

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