Sunday, June 26, 2011

The boy is back in town

Zac's job drives me crazy.  It is true. I've talked and talked about it.  I am just not prepared to spend another year living half the week as a single girl.  Won't do it.  I always try to force things into happening.  If God's timing is slower than mine I will force it.  It rarely works out for the best but old habits die hard.  I did it again too.  The week of Ollie's surgery I applied for a job in St. Louis.  Three days later we found out Zac is getting transferred!  We are pumped!  Starting the first week of July.  He gets to keep his VW Bug and he will be taking care of over flow jobs from Decatur to Champaign to Bloomington.  It's a big area and he will be logging more miles than any of us know what to do with.  But get excited people!  Zac is home!


  1. God is so much smarted than you! or me. IU am I hear a pitter patter of little feet!!??

  2. Good for you! Good for him. By the way, is there a chiropractic treatment for poison ivy? (Maybe you could expand your practice to Blogland--although I realize it involves hands-on, so to speak...)

  3. Abbie I am so happy for you and Zac! I know it is hard to be patient waiting for God's plans to be revealed but he always seems to know what he is doing. This is EXCITING!


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