Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You agreed to what?!

Zac's family is a bit athletic.  To begin at the beginning, there are 6 kids.  A bit of a Brady bunch.  2 from his mom's first marriage, 1 from his dad's first, 3 after they got married.  Zac's half brother and sister, Brendan and Sara are the athletic ones.  Zac played golf in high school and a little baseball, but in the time we've been together the most athletic thing I've seen him do is carry heavy stuff...or push mowing the yard.    Anyway, Sara was a sprinter in high school and apparently a darn good one at that.  I don't know about Brendan then, but in the six years I've known him, he runs.  Long distance.  A super, hard to fathom it's so far, runner.  Last year at Christmas, Brendan married Katie.  Katie is a personal trainer for those interested in doing triathalons, marathons, and Iron Man competitions.  Katie just completed an Iron Man this May and she and Brendan are coming home in September to run the Quad City marathon.  

Katie knew I'd run a couple 5K's this year and asked if I'd want to run the half with her. I declined with the excuse, "I don't think I'd even have a moderately reasonable time."  She assured me this didn't matter.  I said send me the training plan and we'll see.  But, it seems Zac decided for me.  Katie, with all her wile, encouraged Sara to run it, as a trial for the Chicago marathon that she's currently training for.  Brendan's half-sister Jordan (from his dad's second marriage) and her husband Dan are gonna do it.  Zac's mom said he should do it, and his brother Chris is participating only if Zac would run and Zac agreed only if Sara's husband would do the half too.  Zac committed me when he committed himself.  I got sucked in!  Now it's on.  I've gotten in 2 runs, Zac hasn't made it yet.  He is not as worried as I am.  I am just sure he will end up with a better time than me and I'll have to be slightly annoyed.  There is no shame in being a poor sport....or so I like to pretend :)  Wish me luck guys.  It's gonna be rough.  


  1. I have never been a runner until last fall and I ran a half this past spring. It was hard, I kinda hated it during but I am so happy I did it and I might do just one more. You can totally do it!!!

  2. i will not run even if my butt catches on fire. I will stop drop and roll....which leads me to wonder....why would one's butt catch fire?

  3. After locating the pocket guide to CPR, I took Joe on his first training run. At KT's suggestion, he ran one minute and walked three minutes. Let's just say he is one of those people who cannot eat before a workout. At the end of his three minute walk I would count down from five for him to start the one minute run and he would burp and belch ridiculously loud. It was hilarious but seriously smelly! I am not sure I can go with him again. People actually were disturbed from their yards. Talk about blowing out the cobwebs. The man has done less than Zac has as far as exercise goes I am sure. But he made it through it and nothing hurt too bad the next morning.
    I am a little behind in my training. My feet hurt all the time. I wish were closer to work them over. Take care and remember YOU CAN DO IT!!

  4. It sounds like there are enough relatives running to start your very OWN 5K! Good luck with the training. Sounds like you have great incentive.


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