Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ollie Ollie Ollie Ol

Surgery is officially set.  Ollie goes in tomorrow at 7:30.  The surgery is supposed to be 4-5 hours which is fantastic cause we all were expecting 8 hours.  We are set.  We've got laptops and movies and magazines and kindles and a big bag of chocolate cookies from my very dear friend Angie.  I know that it will go well, I don't doubt that one bit, but I am nervous.  It's that special kind of anxiety you get when you know there is not a single thing that could be done differently, but if you had the chance, you'd change the situation completely.  I just dread that incision.  I'm not sure why....I think mostly cause she can't tell us how she feels yet.  At least if she could look me in the eye and say "this sucks Aunt Abbie" I'd know that she was sharing the burdeon in some small way.  That's all I want.  To be able to protect her. To spare her any difficulty or pain.  If this is how I feel about my nieces and nephews, I can only imagine it will be worse when I have my own kids.  But can you blame me?  I mean seriously, just look at this face!

Oh she is chubby up top and has skinny little legs.  She earned the handle "Super Squish."   I have taken every opportunity to squeeze those cheeks and kiss on her excessively.  And it's been good...every minute of it! 

I am getting ready to brush my teeth and crawl into bed.  I will then pretend to be able to sleep as I check the clock every few hours just to make sure I'm up on time.  Keep us all in your prayers.  We are so darn close to hearing the doctor say she did great and we can see her shortly.  I just can't wait for it!

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