Monday, June 6, 2011

Two years

I'm a sucker for this guy right here.  

How could I not be with a smile like this?

 Even though my ring was too small, it didn't stop me from putting it on and saying yes. 

How could I say no to a man that's not afraid to look girly drinking tea?

A man that's helpful when it comes to stuffing envelopes.  

That makes this face cause he can't believe how good waffels can be.

A man that looks so sweet when he sleeps,

But can trash a hotel room

A man that took this picture half a dozen times just to get it "right." 

A man that loves my friends,

and likes to dress up on occassion,

A man with blue eyes and a crazy beard

that make him look Amish

A guy who's hand fits mine, that is big enough to make me look small

He's my hoodrat

With him, I'm on top of the world.

Happy anniversary to my Zacman!  I've loved you from the get-go.   


  1. oh my. Now I love him too. What sweet fun pictures! Oh, and yes....waffles CAN be that good. Law... how I miss them.


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