Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 Chair, 2 Chair, Old Chair, New Chair

I love chairs.  I get it from my Mama...she is chair obsessed.  I found this bad boy in a second hand shop about 2 years ago or so.  I loved him immediately and he was worth the $45 I paid for sure.
It is super comfortable....but not the most beautiful.  It was old vinyl and it was cracking and the buttons were starting to pull through in a couple places.  

Doesn't he have great lines?

Plus a dainty footstool.

I have been waiting and waiting and plotting about mister chair.  I decided for Christmas, that a recovering was what I wanted.  My mom's friend Esther is just the lady for the job as she is a super seamstress and, as you will see, great with upholstery too.  She suggested a site online and I found great fabric on the cheap.  I just got back my chair on Thursday and I am super pumped to share his new look!  Isn't he a handsome chair!?

 I wish the fabric had been slightly darker so it stood out more on my walls, but I just love his color.  I won't always live in this house so it doesn't matter anyway.  I really should have refinished the legs too...but hey, there's always time to do that.  

Now he is gussied up with a throw and a pillow, both add to his fancy new look. 

Now for the surprise for Esther...I have an ottoman calling your name!


  1. Thanks Abbie! Glad you love it! I will be happy to do it for you. I still am waiting for you to decide to sell the chair ;) hahaha! It really does look awesome!


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