Sunday, March 4, 2012

A hot mess

I would like you all to know, I like spending time with the guys.  I always loved riding along with Dad for the day and have never really grown out of it.  I like the cows and the big equipment and the dirt.  I like spending a day that leaves me tired at the end of it.  I also like to learn new things and take pride in the fact that I'm pretty handy.  When Maggie asked me last night if I'd like to go to the movies with the big kiddos, or watch Penelope for her or work on the house, I chose the house.  I was there yesterday and it was a bit of a muddy mess. Uncle Doug was running a lift and had the forks of it piled with OSB boards to sheet the roof.  The tire sunk way down and the lift pitched sideways and all the wood fell.  I decided to walk down the hill to help him pile it back on the forks.  On the way down, I slipped and fell in the mud.  Not a bad fall, just landed on my knee and my, or rather Jades, boots took the brunt of it.  I was left with a muddy knee and a kinda muddy butt.  I decided today, why get another pair of pants dirty?  So when I rolled out to Maggies, I wore my dried, but still dirty jeans.  

I got to spend a little bit of time with Annie and the kids before they all loaded up and took off to pick up Mom and get to the show.  Annie called about 10 minutes later and said Mom had to cancel, would I go?  I told her I wouldn't ruin the kids' day, so I would go to help.  I did remind her that I came in dirty jeans, with no makeup, with my hair crazy under a Bears stocking cap and in my gum boots.  I make workin with the men look good :)  She laughed hard. The sisters made fun.  Maggie told me to put on a pair of Jade's pants (which I am fairly sure I couldn't fit in anyway) and I focused on doing something with my crazy hair.  I came out of the bathroom and endured Annie wash-ragging the mud off my butt so I would look slightly less filthy.  This was right about the time Mom called to say she was back in.  I was a bit relieved.  I don't really care that I was going to go to the show lookin like a hot was that the muddy jeans I happened to be wearing were my pre-pregnancy jeans and standing they are ok, but I can only tolerate sitting in them for like 30 minutes before my pudge belly is begging for sweet relief.  I can just see me now, leaving the theater with a popcorn grease stained sweatshirt, gum boots and unbuttoned pants...the picture of beauty.

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  1. I am calling Fashion Police. Joan Rivers will give you a good tongue lashing.


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