Friday, March 16, 2012

Staged support

Of all the shows on tv for my man to really love, it is American Idol that he is into.  I tolerate it.  He would say I like it.  I mostly sit and read and complain about the song choices and how they "gag me." He sits and laughs and we pick who we think is going home.  It's a thing we do now. 

 Last week we were watching the eliminations and it looked terrible.  I commented to Zac about how much it would suck being a contestant.  Especially when the other contestants are singing all up in your face and you have to smile and clap along...uhhh.  Awful.

So fast forward to elimination night and I say to Zac, "Wouldn't it suck to be a contestant right now. How awkward."  To which he replied "Oh man, I've thought about this. Having to sit on stage, never knowing when the camera is on ya, giving cheesy grins and having to be "supportive."  I laughed hard.  Mostly I think because of the fact that he was really into his response and he sat up off the couch and then he finger quoted supportive.... and because it is so true.  Just look how awkward this picture is and it's not even a tense situation.  I am uncomfortable for them. I am glad Zac and I are on the same page.

Maybe it's just me and my aversion to what I have dubbed "sharing and caring hour."  I get the same feeling when I am in awkward group situations, ie my first day of school when they video taped all of us introducing ourselves and stating why we decided to pursue becoming chiropractors.  I didn't care about why everyone else was there.  I would have rather had the day off.  The vast majority of my classmates agreed.  I felt dorky.  Feeling dorky is not my thing.  

  Just know readers, if we are ever in the middle of a team building exercise, I will like you better if we can just make fun of the really enthusiastic people together.  If you aren't equally as disinterested and sarcastic as me, we probably won't work well together anyway.  I wonder as I write that, if maybe that's a character flaw I should try to correct, ...but it is true and I can't care.  


  1. I can't care either but I am 52. You are a freak. :)

  2. I am incredibly disinterested and sarcastic--we would get along beautifully! :-)

  3. Tony and I do this everywhere we go...just so you know, this is completely normal :) carry on!

  4. I HATE IT! Get Erin and I going about awkward "forced socialization"...let's all get to know each other....ack! I think the older I get the more I detest it and WON'T be forced to participate. Continuing to LOVE my picture you painted Abbie!

  5. I flunked a sociology class in college rather than participate in a full-semester of "group". I, too, am disinterested and sarcastic. Some would say it IS a character flaw. It may be true. I can't care. And I am 63.


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