Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chicken skin

Every Thursday Zac has a day off of work and every Thursday he drive the 20 minutes to Pana where I work to go to lunch with me.  I generally let him pick where we go cause it matters much more to him.  He almost always pick Pana Family Restaurant.  The reasons:  soup or salad bar included with every meal, the ranch dressing, free ice cream with every meal and it's super cheap.  They always have a special going and today was all you could eat fried chicken which he had to have.

Once his food came Zac did what he usually does and pulled off a big piece of skin and ate that while say "fried chicken skin is SO GOOD!"  I laughed at him, and then was terribly impressed with his next statement.  "Wouldn't it be great if they had chicken skin salads.  Croutons are too crunchy.  Chicken skin would be just right."  Oh gross, yet, he may be right.  Just feast your eyes on this and then tell me Zac isn't right.

Plus this particular chicken dish is so patriotic you can almost hear the guy at Ponderosa ordering an American Salad with Chicken Skin Croutons and ranch dressing.


  1. Zac will try it on a Casey's pizza next!!

  2. Chicken skin salad? Kinda of an oxymoron I would think. Isn't the point of ordering a salad to eat healthy. But maybe there is a bit of genius in it, if I'm being completely honest with myself :)

  3. hahaha that is exactly what Zac called it, an oxymoron. I seriously considered calling him an oxymoron but, much like you Janna, thought i had better be honest with myself cause I would try it


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