Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vintage Vinyl

Every so often Zac does something awesome and I realize that I was right to pick him.  This evening was one of those times.  I knew when I married Zac I also married his love of electronics and his obsession with sound/visual quality.  Over the course of the last few years he has come home with a little of everything and then returned it and got the next, newer, better version.  So, in 3 years, I've had 4 different T.V.'s and we are soon to get our 4th blu-ray player.  Now mind you, we've had a playstation 3, which does play blu-rays, but we needed a separate blu-ray player to get the full effect from the surround sound because the ps3 decodes in PCM, and you can't choose for the receiver to decode it instead, which sucks cause the reciever will do a better job.....etc.  Anyway, I'm getting off topic.

Zac got a really sweet surround sound system 3 years ago on "mega super discount" and since then we've had plans to expand things a little.  We saved the money and bought a reciever (which he LOVES) and then started saving money to buy a record player.  This record player actually

You read right, a record player.  They have best sound qualilty and that's what it's about for Zacman.  Occassionally we put the cart before the horse and we did in this case.  We started collecting vinyl right away.  We bought a little of everything.  We got Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Nine Inch Nails.  A little rap in the form of Snoop Dogg and 2Pac.  Then we got old school, prepare yourself mom.....Meatloaf (Bat Out of Hell which I remember rollin' around listening to when I was little), ELO, Steely Dan, Charlie Daniels Band, Creedence.  I was thrilled when we bought each one even though it made no sense to have them yet.  Fast forward to this year and Zac's birthday, (which is technically on the 9th, but how are you gonna wait to buy the player when you've already got the money saved) I got him that record player and we started jammin!

Zac called today and said he was stopping by Vintage Vinyl after a job.  He asked if there was anything I'd like and how much he could spend. I told him I wanted some classical, I just do, not sure why exactly. And, this is what brings me to the part where I love him super bad....he brought home 10 classical albums.  A 3 disc of Milton Thomas playing Bach (that's extra info from me cause I have no idea who Milton Thomas is but I'm sure someone is really excited for me) and a 7 disc set of Mozart.  The Bach album had never been opened.  Incredible huh.  Brand new in 2010.  He also bought an album I've been waitin for, Allman Brothers Beginnings.
 I must admit, I play Midnight Rider everytime I pass a jukebox.  Now I am thrilled cause Zac and I can rock out to Whipping Post and Midnight Rider as I write this post!  Jealous much? I'm just the happiest girl right now.  If you ever read this, I love you husband.  You are the best!


  1. Steely Dan- Oh be still my heart. I will grab a pair of clogs, slip on my painter's pants and be right there!!

  2. hilarious! i love you and i'm glad this blog is back! and those jams were rocking me all over the place at dinner the other night..priceless

  3. we love vinyl!!
    i've been wanting some classical too, since our classical radio station is gone now.
    you picked a winner:O)


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