Friday, October 15, 2010


I've been there...for years and years.  I know more about college and student loans that I'd ever hoped I would.  Now, I see an opportunity to help.  My boss has a business called Extraordinary Educational Tools.  The goal of the business is to set up membership sites for schools so there is a platform to communitcate between schools and parents and students.  It's a great idea and I really hope it takes off for him.  In the meantime, I've been busy with a little project of my own.

I think education is important, and I want everyone to know all of their options before picking the path for their future.  Because I feel this way (and I've been helping a few people in Pana to get prepared), I've done a couple different things.  I've written 2 powerpoint presentations, 1 about FAFSA and getting the funds for college and another about consolidating student loans.  I am also planning a presentation for the juniors and seniors at Pana High School about college.

My office manager has a daughter that is in the middle of her senior year and I sent her a Facebook message asking for help.  I need to know what high school kids want to know, so I am as much help as I can be to them.  So....I'm gonna link this blog post to Allie's Facebook page and direct the kids here so hopefully I will get a few more responces.  This is my request

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Abbie Ballard, the new chiropractor at Beyers' office.  It is important to me that every student feels like they have direction when they leave high school.  Regardless of if you plan on going to college, or trade school, or jumping right into the job market, I want you to be prepared.  This is why I'm bothering to write this message.  

I've pretty much been there, done that when it comes to school.  I've been to Lake Land, SIU-C, and grad school in St. Louis.  I've taken lots of money in student loans, recieved grants and won scholarships. I've worked, many jobs, both in and out of school.  When it comes to finding money for college, I'm your girl.  The problem guys don't know how to do this.  Many of you don't have a school picked out.  Most of you have no idea what you wanna do.  I'm offering a chance for you to ask.  Ask me.  I want to know what you want to know about college (or passing on college if that's the case).  Please send me your questions about anything.  Cost, what classes are like, how to pick a roommate, how to budget, how to pay for school if your parents can't, how to find the right school for you....whatever you wanna know.  

I plan on a presentation at the school sometime in January specifically for you guys to drill me with questions, so you don't have to be afraid that you're out of the loop (cause trust me, you are, but you don't have to be). 

So, if you are parent, especially of a high school kid, please have them read this post and leave me a message.  The more messages I get, the better able I am to help.  If this goes well in Pana, I'm 100% willing to do the same in my hometown.  I know there are many students without direction because they don't know their options and many parents completely unprepared for filling FAFSA, applying for college, paying for college and I can help.  You just gotta ask.


  1. Sounds great, Abbie. The best teacher is experience! Good luck with the new adventure.

  2. what a great idea!

    here's my response from your comment on baby-
    thank you Abbie!
    i'll post pictures as soon as its acceptable to be showing... i have such a budah belly already just from gaining weight with the other two, that i'll be sucking in for the the first few pics!


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