Sunday, October 10, 2010

I married an old man

Yesterday was Zac's birthday.  He is officially 28.  I always tell him I can't believe I married such an old man.  Last Sunday he declared that it woud be his birth week, which is ridiculous, but he declared it.  He also reminded me that the week DOES start on Sunday, cause calendars start their weeks with Sunday.  I disagree, but it's not worth the argument....been there, done that (and apparently the whole "day of rest" arguement is not enough logic for Zac). 

Last Sunday we started with a steak dinner and watching movies, which is really an ideal day in my book.  Monday and Tuesday he worked out of town.  Wednesday he called from Vintage Vinyl to see how many albums he could buy as presents to himself.  Thursday we went out to lunch and he spent his day surfing the net (for blu-rays, his mild obsession) and watching movies. 

 Friday I met him in St. Louis (I had a conference there the next morning) and he asked for a nice dinner and a nice hotel.  We used to live in St. Louis and we had a couple special occasion restaurants.  Our favorite of these was Kreis'.  It's a great steakhouse.  Not cheap, but delicious and the service is always great.  They are the "Last Word in Primerib" and Zac agrees. Just look at this...
Oh man....delicious!  Zac got the prime rib, I got fillet, and we split a appetizer of garlic shrimp.  It was just as good as I remember!  We also got lucky.  Zac wanted to stay that the Renaissance.  He said it was a St. Louis "icon."  I am just gonna go ahead and plug Priceline right now.  If you wait til the last minute you do get amazing deals.  We got a room for $45.  You just pick the area, put in a price and the number of stars and before you know it GREAT DEALS!  

Last night I bought him a pizza from his favorite place, Caseys and he told me as I was leaving the house to help Maggie paint, that he was "gonna spend $30."  When I asked him what he planned on spending the money on, he said "I don't know, but my mom send me some money and I'm gonna spend it." He also told my mom that he wanted "stuff from Amazon" for his birthday, so it would seem there will be lots of online purchases in our future.  He was especially pumped when one of my best friends, Angie, showed up with steaks, already marinating,  for him.  Now he has plans for lunch today and can't wait.  

Last night officially ended both Zac's birthday and his "birthweek"  I am glad...birthweeks can be expensive :)  I still can't believe I am married to such an old man....

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  1. What a goof. He is so all about the food, oh and the vinyl, and the blue-ray and the Amazon! He loves his forests! ahaha


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